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2019-01-29 10:34:02 Source: China Youth Daily

"I was impressed by two things that go home during the New Year, one of which is to cook with my family, the other is when my mother leaves me with my luggage, every corner is full of all kinds of food. of this year's Spring Festival, well-known director Jia Zhangke completely utilized the iPhone XS phone to film the new Chinese short film "One Barrel" on Youku.

"A Barrel" tells the story of the family love that took place in the mountainous city of Chongqing during the Spring Festival, which was adapted from actual events. In the short film, the son is about to leave his hometown after the end of the year, and the mother carefully sealed a white plastic pail with masking tape and handed it solemnly to her son. After leaving home with his mother, with the plush bag and the bucket, his son set foot on the return journey of the Spring Festival. When he returned to the residence in the city, he discovered that the bucket was full of eggs prepared by the mother, and one side of each egg was the date handwritten by the mother, and the other side was painted with a smile.

A bucket that spills the "homemade taste" of mother's love for her son.

Everyone is saying that with the changing times, the annual gathering of people during the Spring Festival holidays seems to be "enlightening" but hundreds of millions of Chinese still gather with their families at the Spring Festival every year. "We chose the location of the junction between Chongqing and Guizhou." After the rapids of the Wujiang River, there are mountains, rivers and bridges, and I think the road to go home is really very long. Less and less, but everyone has an inseparable homely taste, and the Spring Festival meeting is more precious.

So the question is coming, why should Jia Zhangke use her cell phone to film?

"I've been working on movies for 20 years, and I've never used a cell phone to record movies, some of my colleagues have used cell phones to shoot feature films, our industry is always innovating with technological changes. A movie, this time I finally realized, what can you feel about a small cell phone? Is it different from traditional footage? "

Jia Zhangke felt that he was born in 1970. During his growth, the film was close to him. The so-called close, because there is no entertainment at the time, the film is the most important pastime, in the spiritual world of Jia Zhangke, the film is very important, the so-called away because there was no image life at that time. "It's amazing to take a picture every year. Unlike today, we have a cell phone, we can shoot at any time and stream images at any time, so I felt that this business was a long way from me."

In the early 1990s, Jia Zhangke accidentally saw the "Yellow Earth" directed by Chen Kaige and was very moved. "At the time, I was 21 and wondered if I could become a director. I learned film, I did it step by step and I became a filmmaker."

"The interaction and dissemination of information has really changed a lot because of the looks of cell phones." With the emergence of Vlog and the short-lived daily life methods, the most convenient and easy-to-operate mobile phones while maintaining professional photographic effects, have gradually become the audience difficult. Demand The first time I used a cell phone to film, Jia Zhangke felt "experiencing the benefits of technological innovation" and realized "falling to the ground".


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