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Is not the Bundesliga locker room also a match for Manchester United? Did the player force the palace coach to tell the class? – Mourinho, Sco, Manchester United, Schalke, this in – Spinning classes of makeup Naruto


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Original title: Is the Bundesliga locker room also noisy and comparable to Manchester United? Did the player force the palace coach to tell the class?

In the Premier League last weekend, Solskjaer trained Manchester United in the first game and beat Cardiff City in the away game. In the game, Herrera scored a very creative goal. This is unimaginable in the past, and the launching of the offensive nature of the players got off to a good start, and players seem to have gradually forgotten Mourinho's exit.

This is simply unimaginable in the Mourinho era, Herrera as a middleweight has always been a pawn to the opponent's arrow characters. This is the Bogba and Lukaku question. But it's also Mourinho's almost harsh tactics that left many players unhappy: from the start of the season, Bogba to Marshall and Bailey, stayed in Mourinho for a while. The opposite. Although the battle of the Manchester United team in the league is not far off, but daily complaints from players finally leave the locker room completely out of control. The end result of the incident is that Mourinho was not able to get rid of the fate of "Mu three years" and left Manchester United.

"Tactical rigidity" and "bad relationship with the players" have become the root of Mourinho's class, what happened in Real Madrid and the second phase of the car, but obviously Mourinho still considers himself a "special" from start to finish. Do not bow to anyone. However, the ever-changing world football is not the "iron age" that he coached Chelsea, and the contradiction with the big star led to non-return of the class.

Do not tell Mourinho, switch to other coaches, if they are also named by the players, he will not be far from the class.

In the Bundesliga this season, the Schalke 04 team fell from second place in the same period of last season to fifth place in the league.At the beginning of the game, it was even more glorious to win the "five-game losing streak", which allowed the emperors to participate in European War. The blue face is very unbearable.

Shortly after the last round of Leverkusen match, Schalke's North Stand fans also lost their patience and arrogance. According to the German press, Schalke's youngster, Tedesco, has lost confidence in the locker room and, recently, players are increasingly questioning Tedesco. Although the last battle before the winter break had defeated Stuttgart, doubts about Tedesko did not diminish.

"Frequent rotation," "academic dogmatic," "can not hear opinions" are the labels that the players gave to Teesko, and of course they have long been dissatisfied with the coach. Especially after the injury of five main players of the team, Tedesco's willingness to lead the team will not attack, which hinders the status of vice-leader of the Champions League: if there are no changes, the team will continue to play. .

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