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Interpretation Of The Black Hole Was Praised 400,000 The Staff Said: There Is Something More Important Than The Emergence Of The Powder Google Custom Search


How many layers of the sun? Why does the moon shine? The sky is full of stars, why is the night sky dark? The star that blinks, why does it look black and white? Is the black hole really a "bottomless hole"? Think about these problems carefully.

For the mysterious universe, people always have a natural interest. This also causes the National Astronomical Observatory, which focuses on astronomical research, and the assembled "bovine man" to be filled with "mystery" in the eyes of the public. However, you may not know that the National Astronomical Observatory "National Team" has not only one side grounded, The skin is still very lovely. On the vibrating platform, the National Astronomical Observatory opened an official account and countless post, as a "popular science."

Explain that the black hole was praised at 400,000, but the team said: There is something more important than dust.

When you browse the official website of Vibrato, the National Observatory, you will see that there is no such thing as a black hole, nebula and sky-eye of such a high yield.In addition, there are only 20 works in total that can be praised, sent too high. Among them, the most shocking black hole science-fiction short film directly created a rewarding die of 397,000 tanned, 10272 comments and 38,000 shares. Even the content of the commentary's response covered the "noisy building."

The advent of the first photo of the world's black hole, even if it could spark the attention of the whole people, can be praised, referred to and commented upon by the Taiwan Ministry of Sound, and the National Astronomical Observatory quickly captured the next sound . 400,000 fans must have certain mysteries in the operations and the output of content. The head of the gripping account of the National Astronomical Observatory, science director Wan Yiyi, has been busy for almost two months and can unlock the "red" secret of the National Observatory.

What is the operating mode of the vibrating platform account? What kind of content do users prefer? Is the video in a few minutes more suitable for the browsing habits of vibrato users? How to make astronomical knowledge "special and precise" more popular? When the National Astronomical Observatory was preparing to enter the vibrato, Ms. Wan Yiyi did a lot of work in these areas, and even the initial launch of the video, there is a suggestion to try to explore.

For the National Astronomical Observatory, which dominated the traditional popular scientific video model, the short video creation exclusive of the vibrato platform can be considered a challenge. In the interview, Professor Wan Yiyi frankly said that astronomical knowledge generally requires greater logical derivation and support for the content of knowledge in order to better explain the points of knowledge and their context. This requires that the time of science is not too short, and for short videos of up to 5 minutes, how to use a shorter time to clearly understand a point of astronomical knowledge is more challenging than imagined. Vibrato's exclusive short video stream needs to integrate key information into a frame's image and also fully consider the user viewing experience. The visual effect and popularity must be better balanced. Playing the metaphor "talking science is big business". Validation and repeated adjustments are required during video creation and scientific review.

Explain that the black hole was praised at 400,000, but the team said: There is something more important than dust.

After entering the vibrato, the first content uploaded by the National Astronomical Observatory was to introduce the works of "Guantian Giant Eyes". The first test was obtained, with 21,000 tanned, 662 comments, 536 routed and shared, for a "novice" vibrant. This is a very good result.

From the first to the twentieth part of the present, Professor Wan Yiyi said with a smile that is not like two months ago, every day, I always pay attention to vibrato data, because quality content will certainly be recognized and sought after by everyone. The rotation mechanism of science and science specially created by the National Astronomical Observatory has played an important role in the production of high quality scientific content and promotes the process of popularization as vibrato.Um a large number of astronomical cafes have become members of the rotating team and have astronomical knowledge of popular science. Among them, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Astrophysics Research at Harvard University and is a research fellow at the research and innovation group on the black hole outbreak of the National Astronomical Observatory, a typical scholar of the academic world.

Explain that the black hole was praised at 400,000, but the team said: There is something more important than dust.

With the help of the great academic café, the content of the National Astronomical Observatory is extremely "golden". In the latest version of the paper, the National Astronomical Observatory is also a "fun" vibrato trend. The Milky Way fuses dwarf galaxies, and the content of the galaxy seems a bit embarrassing. In the video, it becomes a "greedy ghost." The Milky Way in the universe "eats the square" and swallows the dwarf galaxies, and the creative brain hole of the style is clear. With rhythm and dynamic background music, the video is short but the viewer comes to the knowledge of the merging of the galaxy's dwarf galaxies.

The in-depth study of the operators, the collective efforts of the great astronomical group, let the National Astronomical Observatory establish itself for two months, released 20 works, the transmission volume exceeded 40 million, harvested 392,000 fans and gained more than 1,576 million, becoming a popular platform. One of the "Red Popular Network". Not long ago, in the "DOU Zhixiao Video Science Knowledge Contest," jointly sponsored by the Chinese Journal of Science and Technology and Byte Beat, the vibrant creation team of the National Astronomical Observatory won the jury's praise by virtue of its impressive performance. Excellent award from short video production agency.

Wan Yiyi used the term "coincidence" in the process of telling the National Observatory to enter the vibrato, but judging by the results and results obtained today, short video is a popular way to see the audience, but it is really More people know and even fall in love with astronomy through vibrato, through the National Astronomical Observatory. As the largest comprehensive national astronomical research institution in China, the National Astronomical Observatory can be placed on vibrato, which is also a recognition, recognition and support for short science in video.

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