Intel 10nm Ice Lake processor ready: new nuclear show lines up GTX 750, November launch – Intel, Ice Lake, processor, 10nm – fast technology (original drive home) – technology changes the future


On the morning of January 8, Intel held a special address at CES 2019.

Gregory Bryant, General Manager, Division of Computing Clientsin

The first shows the Ice Lake processor (laptop platform), which was launched in the shopping season in late

It's more or less the time of Thanksgiving until Christmas (11 December).

Ice Lake is a new generation of Core, goesin

Based on 10nm processin


Released in November Intel 10nm processor Ice Lake ready: new nuclear sees the GTX 750

In terms of architecture, as shown in December last year, the Sunny Cove solution (Willow Cove in 2020 and Golden Cove in 2021) will be adopted, and the 11th generation graphics will be integrated while the CPU is up to date.

At this meeting, Intel announced that the Ice Lake processor alsoin

Embedded upper artificial intelligencein

(new set of instructions such as VNNI, etc.)in

Support for Thunderbolt 3 and Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)in


In terms of performance, the information given at the meeting is,The Gen 11 core display can drive the 4K display, support Adaptive Sync frame rate synchronization smoothing technology, floating point performance around 1TFLops(Editor's note: approximately equivalent to GTX 750).

Released in November Intel 10nm processor Ice Lake ready: new nuclear sees the GTX 750

The chip shown in the figure is the Sunny Lake mobile processor of the Sunny Cove architecture.

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