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2018-12-08 13:07:06 Source: Zhongxin Network

On December 8, according to the Russian satellite network, NASA director Bridstone wrote on Twitter on 8 that the "Insight" detector at the Mars landing was sent to Earth. The first recording was recorded and the sound of the surface of Mars was recorded.

At 14:54 local time, on November 26 (Beijing time at 3:54 p.m. on the 27th), NASA's unmanned "Insight" detector landed on Mars, performing the first human exploration of the "inner heart" mystery of Mars. Assignment

He wrote: "Emergency news: People have never heard the wind on Mars before! You hear the sound of Mars in the" Engrave ", the wind from Mars blowing through our detectors. ".

The message was also accompanied by a 20-second recording link. The NASA site explains the inclusion of high-sensitivity seismographs used to study the earthquakes on Mars.

On December 1, the seismograph recorded the sound of the solar panel vibrating due to the wind, and then the detector transmitted the recording back to Earth. Future seismographs will be installed on the surface of Mars.

The "Insight" detector was used to study the geological structure of Mars, which was launched in May, landed successfully on Mars on November 26, and returned photos of Mars.

(The original title "Quick Listen!" "Inspection Number" returns the first wind in the history of Mars ")

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