Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Xiushan West Line fire field has been closed, is concentrating on the southern line of the force | Fire News_ 财经 新浪 新浪


Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Xiushan Fire Field West Line was closed and is concentrating on the south line

According to news from June 22 news of Huguanghao Hohhot (reporter Baoyin Li Simo), according to the news of the command of the front line of the Xingshan Xingan in the Great Xingan Mountains in Inner Mongolia, after the active rescue, at 10 o'clock in the morning, the west line of the field was also completed. Currently, troops are focusing on the southern line of the fire.

The front-line commander dispatched 100 people from the forest fire brigade on the east line to the south line to reinforce the aid. The fire service command team was set up to open the No. 2 temporary machine on the southern line of the camp. 140 people from the fire brigade were cut off from the middle of the southern line. The line of fire, which is propelled to the east and west sides, forms a pinch with the rescue team on both sides of the southern line.

It is understood that the current fire field has 4,650 soldiers, including 2,790 forest firefighting teams, 1,560 forest fire brigades, 300 local firefighting teams and 80 mobile forest brigades.


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