I look forward to the movie for half a year, I saw it in the afternoon – I saw it on Wall Street.


  1. I'm looking forward to a half-year movie and I saw Wall Street in the afternoon.
  2. New Year's Day on the Mainland, the box office broke 1.4 billion high "crazy aliens" nearly 400 million won "Flying life" broke 300 million Gua Mtime Time Network
  3. Create a single day log! China's New Year's Day box office receipts were $ 1.444 billion.
  4. The first wave of Spring Festival stalls, the first wave of word of mouth / box office released: "Wandering Earth" marked 8.5 percent will brush – Film cnBeta
  5. Spring Festival box office battle! The first day of pre-sale 670 million has updated the story of "Wandering Earth," the New Year's Eve called Wang Midnight to receive 12.8 million Mtime Time Network
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