Saturday , October 16 2021

Huang Jue and Tang Wei just kissed the show, the heartbeat was very loud and was laughed by the whole team – worry free information

At the premiere of the film "The Last Night of the Earth," actor Huang Jue took the initiative to talk about the kiss with the heroine Tang Wei.

Huang Jue said the two were lying on the grass and kissing. Recording engineer Li Danfeng ("White Fireworks") heard the strong heartbeat of Huang Jue from the headphones as well as "the feeling of the bird in the spell of love ". "This incident was immediately spread throughout the team, and the team joked that" the psychological quality of Huang Jue is not very good. "

Director Bi Yi quipped, "This is a slap in the recording, it looks very romantic, these recording guides are sure to alert other teams to be careful when they cooperate with the singer when they kiss the show."

The hostess threw the question to the party & # 39; Tang Wei and asked if she heard the heartbeat of Huang Jue. Tang Wei said with a smile, she thought of an insect in her hand and closed her eyes. I do not dare move when I stop.

"The Last Night of the Earth" is scheduled for 2018. The first day of the pre-sale box office is over 90 million copies. It is the first work of Tang Wei's return to the screen after birth, and she will also challenge a person for the first time.

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