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2019-01-11 17:40:06 Source: Beijing Daily

In the first games of the New Year, Ding Ning still has a victory and a victory. In the 13th and 14th rounds of the women's first round of the Table Tennis Super League, the Beijing Shougang Women's Table Tennis was at home, and lost to the 1 August team in Nanchang and to the Shenzhen University team with a score of 1 to 3. As the number one single, Ding Ning "squats" in the game, the sixth place in the personal points of Muzi and "Little Devil" Sun Yingsha, but lost to the recent state of the explosion of Chen Meng.

And that seems to be the epitome of her overall performance in 2018. Summing up last year, although she has won several championships such as the World Cup and won the ITTF's top female athlete of the year, Ding Ning only gave a nod: I have encountered many difficulties and I have been ups and downs. "

By 2019, Ding Yan frankly said that he is preparing himself every day to face more and greater challenges. "It's normal to have difficulties and pains.The key is how to look at this process.Not enlarge it artificially.It's good to go to the floor."

From the third round of the championship, the women's table tennis Shougang was "adrift" in the field. After a long "nine-day guest" and the home stadium moved to Guangxi, the team finally returned to Beijing. Although they had a losing streak of two games when they returned to the game at home, the players showed a good competitive state. Ding Ning also expressed satisfaction with the play, even though she lost the game, she also saw positive things. "Chen Meng's general understanding and adaptation of the new ball is very good, I used to play with it before." In the 14th round and in the Chen Meng contest, Ding Ning retreated a game after 0-2. "There were some adjustments made in the process, and the whole situation was better than before."

Ding Ning is still in the adjustment period due to the decline in capacity due to frequent conversions. Yesterday, Ding Ning announced on social media that he would miss the Hungarian Open in Budapest from 15 to 20 local time. She said: "For me, age 29, with increasing age, the body needs to be protected, I must organize my training and rhythm of competition more reasonably."

Although he only gave his score in 2018, Ding Ning also believes that this is a "very rewarding year". Satisfied is not what you achieved, but the process of overcoming difficulties. "For example, understanding the new material ball, impact mentality, there are problems in many ways, and I have continuously explored, how to put these things Adjust it and find the rhythm that suits him. "Including the return to world number one at the beginning of the new year in 2019, Ding Ning is not much valued." I can make more progress in skills and tactics, I will be happier.

When talking about the new year, Ding Ning smiled and said "I never thought it would be smooth and smooth." She has long been accustomed to the difficult situation. She said her new year's goal is to "get really good now" and calm down to accumulate more things.


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