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"Hammer Brother" announced the future promotion of "Avenger League 4" – People –

"Hammer Brother" Chris Hemsworth said through the official account of Weibo that he will come to China to promote the new film again, and is the most important of the "Avengers League 4", and thank the Chinese fans, and wish you all Christmas. Happy holidays. As a sexy Australian guy, this is his last time to play Raytheon, and he likes to surf, now he is more of a "sea total" as the nickname, and recently also participated in "Black Man", "Dhaka" and many other parties. The new film, I believe these films will also be introduced in the domestic market.


In Weibo, many fans are very excited, facing the "total of the sea" of the beautiful, they are hungry and shout "I'm fine." However, what is more interesting is that some people actually consider the sea as a beauty team. They are all "Chris homes", and they are all beautiful and forgive you (funny).

It is reported that "Hai Zong" is also the image ambassador of the Australian Tourism Bureau. He and many Australian stars like "Mag Trouby" filmed "The Crocodile Dundee: The Return of the Legendary Son," a blockbuster called "Australian Tourism."


"Crocodile Dundee: The Return of the Legendary Son"

This year, I also cooperated with my wife in the "12 Strong" war blockbuster, and the two still play the couple, which shows that the two are very sweet and loving.


"Hai Zong" and his wife play a role in "Strong 12"


"12 strong" stills

In addition, in the "Royal Hotel Murder" co-produced by Dakota Johnson, Jon Hamm and Jeff Bridges, the proud abs makes the actress and actor who cooperate with them I am full of praise.


"Royal Hotel Murder Case" Stills

However, "Hai Zong" still believes it is more important to accompany his family now. He recently rejected the invitation of Star Trek, although Paramount significantly increased his salary. Meanwhile, "Hai Zong" just completed the "Black Man" rumor that he cooperated with "Women" and played the new H agent in this film.


Rumor of "black man"

Still, for the "sea total" who loves surfing a lot, the wild adventure is his favorite. By the time he's in action for the new movie "Dhaka", he has not forgotten the great show and hip surfing.

The film was directed by Sam Hargrave and says that the role played by the "Master of the Sea" should solve the kid kidnapped Indian, but his appearance looks brave and his heart is weak. He must overcome his shortcomings, the film will be filmed in Thailand and India and the "Master of the Sea" will have short duration for "foreign" adventures to reunite the family.

Re-election after "Avengers 4" will be a big change, so "Hai Zong" is currently just this new movie, and his brother Liam is a new movie. He recently starred in a romantic comedy "The Wave." Romantic (not romantic) great shows the abdominal muscles. My brother continues to be in the "western world".


Liam Hemsworth, "The waves are not romantic" Stills

Therefore, "Hai Zong" is the most laid-back among the three brothers. Although he is a good man at home, his career is very difficult, and he is also very crazy to play. Before the game "Fat Lunxiu" be released, The sexy figure is perfect, revealing the fat and screaming crowd.

Because "Avengers League 3, 4" is a set of photos, the shooting is very difficult, confidentiality is very strict, staying in the Hollywood studio all day, so when the "brother hammer" kills, he relieved that he was very angry before going home.


"Back pain, doing a sport"

"I want to stay at home over, my wife and I have been talking about our career and family. Our daughter" India Rose "is 5 years old, and both children Tristan and Sasha are 3 years old but my acting career leaves me and the company of my family is not sufficient.If you are very tired, even if you have parents, you are very tired. "

In retrospect, Chris Hemsworth was still a small dark actor, starring in "The Forest Hut" and then taking off, and then the "Fury" of the "Avengers" of the world. At first, he was still a "hammer brother" with a strong muscle in his chest. By 2015, he began to prepare for "Deep Ocean" to lose weight. He only took 500 calories a day and lost many pounds. His photo "emaciated" scared many fans. Including your family. However, after that, "Raytheon 3" once again increased muscle, but only self-cultivation, not the five big three fat men.


The self-portrait weight loss of "Hammer Brother" scared many fans, including family members.

He said in an interview that he never felt that LA is like a family, and then returned to Australia to spend more time with his family: "I want to take my children to school. get my credit card. " And then I can do the surf I like. "

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