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H 神韵 九 首 –Ele Shenyun 2019 New Year Performance | Seven Laws | Epoch Times


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On the night of December 12, 2018, the Shen Yun New York Art Troupe performed the first performance of the 2019 tour at the Berkeley Zellerbach Hall, at the University of California, Berkeley. (Zhou Rong / Epoch Times)

The negative hits the big original stage and the kings come with the Lord.
The country of the country descended from the sky and the stars were open to the law.
Huang Di Renxian hangs Jiuding, Tang Zongwen wuyao three talents.
Five thousand splendid reasons to play, one saves eternal life and strengthens the mind.

Looking at the history of Shenzhou, there are many stories of people and people.
Zhu Xian often drank a thousand poems, geometry of the blood Wu Mu Jing loyal.
Lee ax to find the Virgin Mary, the good moon to send the moon.
Among them, who knows what is right, Lingruihua asked the Buddha.

Hundreds of laps of some autumn degrees, the red mites became bitter.
Who is famous for its long history, where is joy and sadness?
Calling all people to be fascinated, the three unknown methods are hard to find.
As soon as the Golden Wheel turned to Tianmen, Cangyu had to do everything.

Light and comfortable, long sleeve dance and piano chosen for nine days.
Yuyu Qionglou is a thousand years old and the mountains and green waters are full of flowers.
Jinguang Ziqi is like poetry and painting, and Gao Zhiyao wins the orchestra.
There are many freedoms in the dust and there are gods in the universe.

When spring is rainy and silent, everything is happy and beautiful.
The tree is beautifully decorated with beautiful makeup, and the flowers are smiling and bright.
The glorious world of the Huanghuang is auspicious, and the wind and wind are clear.
Good for the Central Plains, North and South, really go back to the public.

Rays of Falun Gong, taking a cream of fire to save the world.
Suffering often has a longing for the future, and compassion is more for Kyushu.
Dan was answered by fax and the blood was shocking.
Purdue melodiously, and vowed to look after the sky.

The mantle is swinging through the clouds, and the wonderful dances are light songs to send the gospel.
The sky is always open to the scene, and everything is sprinkled with rain.
The immortal offers a total of thousands of beautiful and the Buddha is always full of hearts.
The great dreams of Wan Lichao, the ancient times of Hong Enhao.

Wonderful and beautiful, the sea is over the mountains.
The footprints of the three springs are distant and wide, and word of mouth is long-lasting.
Things keep passing the name, and young and old Xin Xin is busy.
The unique show of Qiong Lin is a strong, diligent and sighing.

Open the sky and ride a golden bridge, straight to the sky and nine miles.
Everyone in the world expect to see, Xianxiang Wanli Zhaozhao Road.
The Chinese New Year is chasing the stars and the avenue is with the flute.
Going back to the good times, Zhilan is full of eyes.

Note: Lingruihua, that is, the excellent flower of Brahma, the Buddhist scriptures, this flower opened for three thousand years, when the human world is open, shows that Falun Dawang is in human justice. "Li Bai drunk", "Good loyalty to the country", "Shushan save the mother", "嫦娥奔月" is the classic repertoire of Shen Yun. (I.e.

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