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Original title: Guoping Big Devil revealed new work! Guiding Women's Table Tennis of Hong Kong Zhang Yining looks forward to Ding Ning intending to change against Japan

Recently, Hong Kong has hosted a health event run express charity charity, the table tennis female devil great Zhang Yining and the Olympic gymnastics champion Li Xiaopeng set to help. Zhang Yining unveiled her latest developments and advised the Hong Kong women's table tennis as an advisor.

In an interview with the Hong Kong media, Zhang Yining unveiled her new job as a counselor, helping Li Xiaoqing and Du Kaiyan to progress in Hong Kong Ping Pak: "I am also a consultant for table tennis in Hong Kong.I will give advice before the competition "I am very happy with the teenager's tactics, as both their use and their strength have improved, they should continue to strengthen their stability there and expect Hong Kong women to win the Olympic medal in the future."

At the Swedish Open, the Ito Meicheng group defeated Liu Shiwen, Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling to win the championship, causing a sensation in international table tennis. For the Chinese women's table tennis player who is eager to win gold at the Tokyo Olympics, Zhang Yining pointed out that Japan, which has the benefit of the domestic market and talented people in recent years, will become the biggest threat but wait that the enemy can stimulate new generations like Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling to innovate and create good results. As a female ping pong demon, Zhang Yining also hopes that Ding Ning can defend the glory of the national table.

After retiring from the wedding, Zhang Yining followed the wealthy husband Xu Wei to settle in Hong Kong. In 2011, Zhang Yining served as assistant to the chairman of the China Table Tennis Academy and began to undertake the international promotion of table tennis. The Chinese Table Tennis Academy has established a branch in Luxembourg and a training center in Papua New Guinea. Zhang Yining has been a trainer in both places to guide local students to study.

Today, women's table tennis in Hong Kong is also the first month of the quasi-water platform, invited Zhang Yining to leave as a consultant. In the semifinal of the women's team at the Swedish Table Tennis World Championship in 2018, Hong Kong women's Su Huiyin defeated Ding Ning 3-0. At the Austrian Open, Du Kaiyi's female from Hong Kong , eliminated the imposing Ito Meicheng. The Hong Kong women's team will increase from time to time. Now, Zhang Yining is a consultant and is expected to continue to improve.Go back to Sohu and see more

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