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2018-12-07 01:09:28 Source: China Securities Journal

Since the beginning of this year, A shares have continued to float and adjust. Looking at the market, the director of macro strategy research at the Great Wall Fund told Wei Da that in the future, A shares may not have significant significant or negative risks. New reform and openness measures and measures related to steady growth are very likely to be introduced, especially in the future. The rise in the US interest rate may also come to an end, and China's monetary policy will gain more room.

For Wei Da believes that, in the future, A shares will be dominated by shocks. Investors are advised to focus on technology and electronic stocks, such as electronics and communications, which have fallen sharply due to external factors such as computers, media, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, transportation, brokerage, energy and utilities. However, after the recovery, after January 2019, listed companies began to publish annual reports for 2018. There may be some listed companies whose performance is significantly lower than market expectations, or the risk of asset depreciation, such as agio.

(Source of article: China Securities Journal)


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