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Fujiwara Ryu also plays a new series of serial killers, the Japanese logic of suspense is strictly reversed.


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Preparation poster

In the year 2019, the suspense masterpiece "Confessions after 22 years" announced that the order was filed in the main theaters on the continent on January 11. The film won the box office championship in Japan for three consecutive weeks, the film was directed by the director. Yu directed, Fujiwara Ryu and Ito Hideaki starring. Following the "Invisible Guest," another great masterpiece of suspense will be seen with the domestic audience. Many movie-thrillers and Japanese movie lovers are looking forward to the last poster of the film on December 12. At the same time as the preview, the public was exposed to a surprise of 22 years without success.

The top ten at the box office in Japan, Fujiwara also talks about killing memories.

"Confessions after 22 years" during the launch of Japan, with the reversal of the plot, exceptional drama tension, wonderful reasoning and highly realistic themes, won the double crop of word of mouth and box office, not only with 2.41 billion yen Total box office has become Japan's top ten box office in 2017, and lead actor Fujiwara also earned a nomination for Best Actor at the Japanese Film Academy, with intriguing performances. Japanese actress Fujiwara has also won many fans in China through classic works such as Death Note, Great Escape and Rogue Sword Heart, and the movie "The Serial Killer" is published in the film. Killing memories and challenging society's bottom line is shocking but suspicious.

The film was produced by Japan TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd., starring Fujiwara Ryuji and Ito Hideaki, and Xia Fan, Nomura Zhou Ping, Shiqiao Xing Nai and Long Xingliang appeared. It is said that in 1995, a serial bottleneck was committed in Tokyo, five people were killed, the killer disappeared without a trace, and the case became an unsolvable case. In 2017, shortly before the case was valid, a man named Zeng Genqi Yaren (Fuji Fujio) published a copy of "I am a killer," claiming he was serial for 22 years. The killer of the murder case and ridiculed the police for being incompetent. The movement shocked the entire Japanese society, and police were left helpless in the face of the anger of the families of the victims. Like the criminal police who investigated the case in the past, Mu Cunhang (Ito Hideaki) never gave up the pursuit of the real killer for many years, he would be suspicious of Zeng Genqi's words, and a fierce game of cat and mouse will be released between the two .

Suspense in 2019, the logic of Japanese suspense is strictly reversed

Suspense is a type in which Japanese creators are very good, and Japanese suspense often can surprise viewers through an intensely logical process of reasoning. The confession of "22 years later" inherits the characteristics of Japanese suspense, showing the advantages of rigid logic by burning the brain. Every reversal is incredible, and the realistic setting of irony makes the audience more nervous after thinking. .

After a quick report on the case, Fujiwara, who emerged from the darkness of the media spotlight, calmly declared that "I am a murderer" and could not support the families of the victims of torture, and began to seek revenge. On the contrary, it is the hot media speculation and the quest for the crowd, which makes the "killer" look like a star existence. This situation also appears on the poster, and the Fujiwara dragon that looks like a smile is also glamorous and handsome. Creeps are stunned. A masterpiece so full of suspense will bring you a surprise of 2019 on January 11.

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