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Original title: Fu Yuanhui talked about self-abuse, and at this time before the game, people saw his determination.

The Hangzhou Short Pool World Swimming Championships reached the sixth match, and all hope the Chinese team will continue to play gold and silver in the field, and the Chinese team will play the women's 4x50m relay final. Xu Jiayu will participate in the 200m men's backstroke. Ye Shiwen and Yu Jingyao played in the 200m women's breast swim and also in the 4x100m medley relay race also has the Chinese team, so the Chinese team is still very hopeful to continue to catch him today. Gold medal.

In this 4x100m women's medley relay, Fu Yuanhui took second place in the morning and entered the final, and in the evening she must lead the team to impact the gold medal. Fu Yuanhui did not win the medal at the only short swimming world championship in Hangzhou, however, she had already won a silver medal in the previous relay competition, which is also very important for Fu Yuanhui. In his hometown, it is a native war, and the public in his hometown did indeed give him great encouragement and applause.

Recently, many netizens are paying attention to the scratches of Fu Yuanhui's arm. In fact, we have said this in previous competitions or in comprehensive sports games. This is also a way for Fu Yuanhui to refresh and encourage, so we have seen it. There are many scratches on the arm, which has also caused speculation by Internet users, but when everyone knows that she is trying to stimulate her body so that she may be more involved in the game, everyone is moved, this is the athlete. Some spirits, although this approach is not worth promoting.

Fu Yuanhui regretted having lost the 50-meter back medal in 0.02 seconds. After the game, she once again talked about the scratches on her arm, and even imitated the voice of her parents saying it is useless. This is useless . Also said that this is only subcutaneous bleeding, will not leave scars. In fact, this kind of thing makes people more uncomfortable after seeing them: if our children use this medium to stimulate the body, who would be happy?

In fact, we can see that before the game in the final 50 meters, Fu Yuanhui hit his body hard, we all know that athletes have a way to warm up and wake up better the body, but look at Fu Yuanhui to beat up. The power is really moving.

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