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Former Amazon lawyers involved in Bezos media and conflict

February 10, 2019 12:29 PM Sina Technology



Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 10 morning news, Bezos recently issued a document accused the parent company of gossip magazine "National Enquirer" (National Enquirer) trying to "blackmail". According to Bloomberg, Bezos mentioned that the magazine had sent an e-mail to avoid investigating how leaked private messages and photos with his lover. The sender of the email was Jon, a lawyer who worked at Amazon. Jon Fine

Farn has served as a nine-year executive in Amazon's book division, but now he is the deputy general counsel of American Media Inc. (AMI), the parent company of National Inquiries, and is also on the opposite side of the former chief . In the e-mail, Farn made an agreement with his former boss: the newspaper could no longer investigate Bezos's private life and no longer published Besos and his new girlfriend, former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez. Photograph.

When Faen worked in Amazon's books department, Amazon was convinced the publisher had accepted the Kindle eBook reader, and Faine made a great contribution and helped Amazon create the publishing department.

Later, Amazon did not do enough to criticize corporate philanthropy, and so Faun developed a program to give writers and literary organizations, and has now become the oldest charitable project of Amazon. In an interview with the Seattle Times last year, Faun said, "Amazon has made me responsible for this project, which is essentially operated by me."

Recipients said Faun seems to want to use his position on Amazon to help writers, though Amazon has successfully subverted the book industry. After leaving Amazon, Faine joined Amazon's Long-Term Recipients Council, an organization formed by an independent publisher.

Farn claimed to be a "First Amendment" lawyer. He initially provided consulting services to New York news and entertainment TV programs such as NBC News, "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) . In a creative industry, he ridiculed himself that he has no creativity. Faz once told acquaintances that his task is to help art-rich people and bring their works to the world.

In 2000, Faun jumped from the television industry to the publishing industry as a legal advisor to the Alfred A. Knopf division of Random House.

It was there that Faun began to pay attention to the Amazon. According to people familiar with the subject, Faun believes that he is only an interpreter. On the one hand, it is a technology-driven, fast-moving data enterprise. On the other hand, it is an editorial industry based on personal relationships. interpreter between the two.

For many years, Faun has become Amazon's true ambassador, often appearing before his former colleagues, from the London Book Fair to creative digital media activities in Vancouver, British Columbia.

These trips had a negative impact, and in 2015 Farn left Amazon.

He later worked in the digital media company for two periods. In November last year, AMI's top lawyers resigned, allegedly because of the conflict between AMI's lawyers and CEOs, so Farn joined AMI and became the internal deputy general counselor. According to "National Inquiries", when Farn joined, he investigated Bezos for several months.

Bezos accused the AMI of sending rescue messages on Thursday and, if they did not agree to the terms of the other party, would release those embarrassing photos. Bezos said, "I chose to stand up and make public the cause and effect, and then see what kind of characters can be revealed." AMI said in a statement on Friday that it believes the report on Bezos is legal, but since Bezos has issued a claim, it will initiate an investigation. (Xinghai)

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