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Forecast: Shanghai wars, Guangsha, Fushen, brothers, South China Tigers, three consecutive wins – this season, last round, Bayi team, out, this round – Chinese basket shot


2018-12-26 22:24:35 Source: Chinese basket lens

Original title: Prediction: Shanghai, Guangsha, Fushen, Scorpio, South China Tigers, three-game winning streak

Beijing time on the night of December 27 ushered in the 25th round of seven games, injured team full of home game Shanghai team to regain the impetus of Guangsha team, fear of losing streak. The same team against the Xinjiang team at home, can be cold again? The main scene of the Qingdao team against the Jiangsu team, the new peak coach can lead the team to achieve two consecutive wins? The following is an analysis of the seven games of this round:

※ Shanghai Hao (15 wins and 9 losses) vs. Zhejiang Guangsha Holdings (17 wins and 6 losses)

The Shanghai team and the Guangsha team have a record of 26 games, and the Shanghai team has 12 wins and 14 losses, both sides being basically equally divided.

In the 24th round of the regular season, the Shanghai team beat the Bayi team at home, and the record in the last five games was 2 wins and 3 losses. The Shanghai team with injured soldiers was in the top tier, facing the All-China Bayi team, 11 people were rounded, 4 people scored in double digits and Hucom Xu, who left the bench, played 33 minutes and scored 16 goals. Points, the score created a single high for a personal career on ABC, the ball has a shadow of Fredette, seems to have been affected. Dong Qilin, Liu Wei and Luo Xudong have been injured so far. The internal and external rotation of the Shanghai team has been greatly affected. "Little Zhuge" Li Qiuping has been boldly using the young ball to solve the crisis lineup. Wang Hao and Huang Xu also have high performance. However, the overall strength of the Shanghai team is in decline. Especially when the little foreign aid Fredette was attacked and blocked, the Shanghai team's offensive will be stagnant.

Guangsha's team defeated the Fujian home team in the final round and finished the series of losses of two games in the regular season. It was the battle, Sun Minghui was injured, and the Guangsha team scored 5 in double digits, including Fordson 35 points, 14 assists and 10 rebounds, and Bolosi 19 points. After the game, coach Li Chunjiang said that the team is more invested throughout the game, in the case of delay, the desire to win is stronger, is defensive and motivating to win the game. From the point of view of the game, the small foreign aid Fordson is quite lethal, especially in the last quarter, the individual scored 16 points, Chinese Taipei players also performed well, Lin Zhijie scored 21 points, 9 rebounds, scored a high staff this season Liu Wei also scored 11 points and 4 rebounds.

The Guangsha team won the Shanghai team in the regular season this season.Although Sun Minghui has a knee injury, this round will continue to be injured, but the injury situation of the Shanghai team is even more serious.The Guangsha team can achieve two consecutive victories.

The two teams have a regular season game record (Shanghai team 2 wins and 2 losses): the second round Guangsha 108: 92 Shanghai, the 17th round Shanghai 99: 102 Guangsha

※ Dongguan Bank of Guangdong (22 wins and 2 losses) vs. Beijing Rural Commercial Bank (7 wins and 17 losses)

The Guangdong team and the Beijing team (including the predecessor team from Chongqing) have only 9 games left, and the Guangdong team has a record of 8 wins and 1 loss.

In the 24th round of the regular season, the Guangdong team beat the home team and won two straight victories. It is the battle, the United Arab League scored 27 points, 19 rebounds, Zhou Peng 18 points, Ren Junfei 17 points, 10 rebounds, Weems 15 points, another small foreign aid Delaney 3 shots 1 in 22 minutes game He only got 4 points , 3 assists and 2 rebounds The situation is very bad. From the game point of view, Guangdong team in the first half of the Beijing team defense, the opportunity is not much, half behind the scoreboard 3 points, but in the third quarter, Guangdong team regained the sensation, played a offensive climax and established the victory. Although the Guangdong team's three points are only 4 of 13 pitches, but the United Arab League is strong in the paint, both sides of the offensive and defensive performance are very good, crushing the Beijing team inside. The South China Tigers had 46 rebounds and 14 more than the Beijing team. Local players Zhou Peng and Zhao Rui also recovered in the final round.

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