Thursday , October 21 2021

Forbes: Best Superhero Movie TOP 9 in 2018 | Internet Data Information Center -199IT | Information Center for Internet Data in Chinese – Chinese Data Information Center on the Internet


  1. Forbes: Best Superhero Movie of 2018 TOP 9 | Internet Data Information Center -199IT | Chinese Information Center on Internet Data Research Chinese Internet Data Information Center
  2. "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" Christmas Poster Preview – European and American Comics cnBeta
  3. Interview with "Writer / Parallel Universe" Writer / Producer "We want to subvert the perception of superheroes of all" Mtime Time Network
  4. Box office "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" broke 100 million points Douban points 9.0 – Europe and America comics cnBeta
  5. Six cosmos-spider man to send Christmas blessings "Spider-man parallel universe" special exhibition styles are different and cool against the enemy Mtime Time Network
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