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First newly arrived class of Yamashita Academy released The first review cover magazine review experience – Yamashita, students, Tongchuang, held, their own – International Online

2018-12-25 16:29:57 Source: Online International

The first newly arrived class of Yamashita Academy has launched the first magazine cover review learning experience

On December 25, 2018, Yamashita School published the cover and inside pages of fashion magazines produced by nine hundred and 2018 and, for the first time, announced 14 new participants of the class.

On October 19, 2017, the founders of Chen Guofu, Zhou Xun and Chen Kun co-founded the Yamashita School, and the new class of 2018 began to open the inscriptions at the same time, with a total of 3345 inscriptions. After three rounds of review, 14 students were finally admitted. On March 12, 2018, the newly arrived class in the spring of 2018 held an opening ceremony.

The average age of 14 students is 24 years and their histories vary. Be it a veteran or a national model competition champion, from the moment he enters the Yamashita class of newcomers, he will clear his past life experience and start from scratch.

The Yamashita School is an exploration from the beginning of the performance, but also an experience to break the educational routine. The Yamashita School uses an adaptive and advanced teaching method, pays attention to the autonomy of the students and develops freely according to the characteristics of each individual. Yamashita School believes that, as a professional actor, in addition to performance skills, aesthetic ability and a sense of life are equally important. At the same time, the Yamashita School also pays special attention to the digging of the actors themselves, hoping to help the actors meet and help them connect with the characters through professional counseling classes. In terms of teachers, dozens of performance teachers, senior film and TV industry practitioners, art artists, and front-line and mental guides have teamed up with Yamashita's teaching staff.

The course started in 2018 lasts one year and is divided into three stages: "My History", "ABC" and Pre-employment Practice. The goal is to get students to meet in performance through a series of courses, including performance and aesthetic skills. Skills, including skill, gradually turned into a professional actor who was incredible and chased.

During the more than 9 months of study, the new students in the class received almost 20 different courses. It includes both "sound and breath," "actor member energy training," "multiple performance concept," "body architect," and other aspects of training and performance training, including "learning to listen," "planning writing, "The painting is a lot of fun. "In July 2018, Yamashita Academy invited Eugene Ma of Columbia University to attend a one-week" impromptu performance "course for newcomers. also heard the master class of the three famous directors of Wu Ershan, Chen Guofu and Tian Zhuangzhuang.

In addition to learning, newcomers have extensive exchanges, learning and experience. In August, the newly arrived class performed and exchanged with students at the Yale School of Theater. In November, students went to the film "Shou Shen Ling" crew to experience learning. The films "The Thief Family", "Four Springs" and "Spring" were shown and shared in advance at the Yamashita Academy.

At the moment, the students enter the practical stage and invite the new Israeli director Yell Sherman to rehearse the famous drama "Winter Funeral", by the Israeli playwright Levin. Participants will also cooperate with the finalists of the 4th CFDG China Youth Support Program (referred to as the "Shallot Program").

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