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2019-01-09 01:30:55 Source: Network of Observers

(Original title: Fiji waiter Golden Globe Awards bursting red The US media exposed the negatives of the sponsors)

In the past Golden Globe, stars from around the world gathered, Korean actor Wu Shanzhuo won the Golden Globe for best actress with "Killing Eve" and became the golden ball. After the first Asian in the history of the award, he gained enough attention.

However, that night, all the Golden Globe actors were overshadowed by a waiter on the spot, and she was seen in almost every photo …

Live Golden Globe live feed from Twitter

The waiter was wearing a blue dress and his skin was fair, although he only served the background in the group's photo, his exquisite face, sweet smile and slim body attracted many netizens eyes.

Praise does not come only from Internet users, but the words of the media are even more unsatisfactory. "The brightest star of the night", "Yan Yan", "as a clear source" is used to describe its beauty. # 金 englobesfijigirl (Golden Ball, Fiji Girl), #fijiwatergirl (Fiji Water Girl) two topics once destroyed the net.

Soon, some netizens exposed the woman's social media account. According to public information, she is from Fiji, named Kelleth Cuthbert, a model currently working in Los Angeles.

However, when people were immersed in the beauty of this girl who seemed to be "pretty and not knowing", Kelly revealed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that she actually had a strategy and selected in advance. Good angle.

It turns out that, in addition to the identity of the waiter, Kailis was also one of the sponsors of this Golden Globe – the model contracted by the brand of drinking water Fiji Water (Fiji Water), and the photos circulating on the Internet were also marked to find a professional. The photographer released after filming.

Kelly then released her own photo of the night in her personal ins and added related themes.

So many stars took pictures of the brand's bottled water, which also circulated on social networks.


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