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Recently, the film "The Trilogy of Fengshen" has released a special edition and backstage photo with the theme "Baigong Creation" to celebrate the filming of the film for 100 days. This release begins with the backstage crew of the film and records many artists and craftsmen who worked hard for the film, their dedication to work and the pursuit of high quality requirements have helped the film "Four God Trilogy" in the quest for excellence. Move on.

The film was switched on for 100 days, and the backstage workers made their hands and created the "Feng Shen"

The special backstage of the film "The Fengshen Trilogy" show the working status of many artists in the art department: either they are burying their heads or concentrating on weaving, or polishing them seriously, is a little decoration on the costumes. It is still a small detail in the big scene, and the whole process is concentrated and refined.

In the short two-minute video, preset recorder, jewelry inlays, adhere to the leather master, harness maker, preset sculptor, sustaining artist, landscape carpentry, weaver props, props mechanic, hair workers such as crocheters and props and mud pants jumped in the eye. Among them were artists and sculpture designers who graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Qinghua Academy and other institutions of higher learning, as well as artisans who worked for forty years and worked in silence. To interpret the deep Chinese classical aesthetics, they use the persistence and concentration of day and night to try to ensure that every detail of the film "The Trilogy of the Gods" is presented to perfection.

In addition to the specials behind the scenes, the film "Fengshen Trilogy" also released eight behind-the-scenes photos around the theme "Baigong Creation". Highly documented photographs show the enthusiastic working conditions of behind-the-scenes staff from different crew departments under a variety of perspectives. The meticulous division of labor also reflects the film "Fengshen Trilogy" on the way to perfecting the industrialization of Chinese cinema. The exploration that was done.

Digging carefully every day, the hundred works of creation interpret the Chinese classical aesthetics

The careful sculpture of the film "The Fengshen Trilogy" is not only reflected in the filming process, but also began from the film 2014 "Fengshen Trilogy" project, and began in 2018, "Fengshen Performing Arts Training Camp", and then officially In September. In the beginning, the project team collected and refined the essence of the original work, finalizing the script, selecting and training the actors, and so on.

To present the original aesthetic concept in the film in September 2016, director Wu Ershan conducted the conceptual project, art design, visual effects and screenwriter to visit the Yin Ruins Museum and the Bronze Museum in a month. The Shangzhou History, Cultural Relics Museum, Jade Emperor's Temple, Yongle Palace, etc. Collectively display the palaces and monuments of the Chinese classical aesthetic art system and held a large number of visits and inspections throughout parents. Behind the 100-day beginning of the film "Fengshen Trilogy" is the persistence of several years, constant and constant craftsmanship, the purpose is to create a mythical heroic epic that really belongs to the Chinese themselves.

The film "The Fengshen Trilogy" is directed by Wu Ershan. The trilogy is due to be released in 2020, 2021 and 2022, respectively.

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