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Feng Shaofeng Zhao Liying co-starred in the fantasy drama at the end of the year – do not know, two people, should be, yes, this – Tianshui Evening News


2018-12-27 00:03:59 Source: Tianshui Evening News

After the "琅琊 榜", the midday Sunshine team re-produced the drama costume "I know whether it should be green fat thin red" on the evening of 25 in Hunan Satellite TV broadcast, Zhao Liying, Feng Shaofeng starring, this too is after the end of the summer file, screen long lost The drama of customs returns.
"Knowing whether it should be green, red and fine" is adapted from well-known online novels. The story of Shengjia Six Girl Ming Lan, by Zhao Liying, is young and charming, but she encounters various difficulties, such as the aunt's discomfort, her sister's difficulties, her father's disrespect, her mother's death. It hid its intelligence, buried its boundary, and endured the burden of adversity and growth. It was still self-sufficient under the pressure of all sorts of difficulties. In this process, Ming Lan met Feng Tingfeng as the second son of Ningyuan Houfu Gu Tingyu. The imperial court changed and, under the support of Gu Tingzhuo, the children of the Zhao family branch were established as princes, Gu Tingyu took the king's diary and broke the thief, then arrested the new emperor and became the first hero of the new dynasty. After the marriage of Ming Lan, the family business, the whole government, the shovel and the small, the couple's misunderstanding established a deep feeling Finally, Ming Lan and her husband helped Ming Jun to consolidate political power and the two also had a happy life.
What is worth waiting for is that the play continues with the style of the midday sun, and the production is good. Based on the history of the two palaces, the narrative style is also absent from the feelings of the country of origin. Producer Hou Hongliang said that at the moment he would like to thank the writer for the "uplift" of the original novel.

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