Faced with a pressure of 3 billion shares to lift the ban, heavy volume millet dropped and then hit a new bass


  1. Faced with the pressure of 3 billion shares to lift the ban, the millet will fall and then create new minima.
  2. The Forefront Stock Price | Xiaomi once fell 7%, the promise of Lei Jun can restore market confidence? 36kr
  3. Xiaomi Group: Lei Jun and other controlling shareholders promise not to sell shares of the company next year – Xiaomi Xiaomi Technology cnBeta
  4. The amount of the ban prohibition tide, the controlling shareholders millet promised not to sell shares for one year, only Lei Jun billion of incentives can be used for the Wall Street charity
  5. After lifting the ban, Xiaomi's market value fell below $ 40 billion, and Lei Jun could force everyone to stop falling? 36kr
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