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2019-02-06 11:20:33 Source: Hacker Football App

BBC correspondent David Ornstein revealed that Arsenal had a transfer fee of 100 million pounds this summer instead of 40 million reported by the media.

The blog of Arsenal invited by Ornstein talked about the transfer of the winter window, Mislintt left the team, Sanliy is in full power, the candidate for the new director of technology and the use of Özil.

In this winter window, Arsenal hired Barcelona's Dennis Suarez after the press said he had only 40 million pounds transfer fee this summer.

However, Ornstein revealed, "There are rumors that they have about 40 million pounds of transfer budget, depending on what events they will attend, I was told they can have a budget of about 100 million pounds. "

Shortly after the winter window, Paris Enkunku's midfielder and midfielder came out of the scandal. Ornstein said: "Some people inside Arsenal want to sign with Bío, he is very optimistic. But his situation is very complicated: the person with whom he needs to deal and his salary requirements."

The contract between Rabio and Paris expired this summer, when he remained close to Barcelona and his salary requirements were very high.


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