Exposing Manchester United to consider the resurgence of the Saints, the lord of the past, the sorcerer of the past, the sorcerer of the past _ Solskja


Original title: Exposing Manchester United to consider the resurgence of the saints

Beijing time on January 15, according to the British news "Sun", the Premier League club Manchester United is considering to lead the excellent performance of the temporary coach Solskjaer has become the official coach and the reason why Su Sheng can making the ball in a short time The team's appearance is brand new, and the Red Devil's godfather, Ferguson, is also indispensable. The Manchester Evening News has revealed that old Sir Alex will provide reasonable advice to the Afghan squad.

After becoming Manchester United's acting coach, Solskjaer quickly stepped into the role and made the Red Devils recover strongly in a short period of time. Suo Sheng has used a wave of 6 consecutive wins to sweep the fog since the start of the season, and let all the dubious voices disappear, especially the 1-0 win over Tottenham, the gold content is full. In these six games, Solskjaer's tactical arrangement and command on the spot are impeccable, and on the court, as the legendary Red Devils striker, players are also convinced by him, and the baby face is deeply loved by the Red Devils.

"The Sun" pointed out that such a trainer who has Blood of the Red Devils and has exceptional ability impressed the top of Manchester United with impeccable performance. The club is considering turning positive for São Paulo, which is Bogba and Rush. Many players and fans like Ford and Lingard are more willing to see. Previously, there were rumors that Solskjaer would be solely responsible for the Red Devils this season, and the club will try to put Pochettino at Old Trafford after the season. Today, Suo Sheng's excellent record is changing the minds of the top.

The "Sun" also said that the reason the Manchester United club considered making Solskjaer the official coach is because of the excellent performance of the team, on the other hand, can save a lot of money. Pochetino's current contract with Tottenham is due in 2023, his contract price is up to £ 34 million, and the contract also includes up to £ 16 million of compensation, after news that even Manchester United is willing to receive 50 The Pound bought the contract from Pochettino in full and Tottenham's president, Levi, did not necessarily release. Now Manchester United no longer need to think about how to get Bo Shuai because they have Suo Sheng, and the latter won the first game between the two sides.

In addition to his own abilities, Solskjaer's magic is in the aid of his teacher Ferguson. The Manchester Evening News reported that Ferguson, who has retired since Solskjaer took over Manchester United, provided him with many effective suggestions. Former Sir Alex Ferguson is involved in the management of the team behind the scenes. According to one source, although all of the team's decision-making powers are in Solskjaer's hands, Ferguson will give advice on the selection of scouting and player analysis, which benefited Suo Sheng. In fact, since Suzuki took office, he is in the rotation of the team.In the first five Premier League games, Manchester United made a total of 12 changes in the team.In Manchester United 2-0 Redding's FA Cup , Soo Shuai Rotating up to 9 players, quite the shadow of the old Sir Alex.

Earlier, in an interview, Solskjaer confirmed that Ferguson had a certain degree of participation in the team. Suo Sheng said, "I've been working with Ferguson for 15 years, obviously his influence over the last 15 years was more affected than last week." I always let him know the situation of the team. Talking to the players and the team, he encouraged us and thought we would do our best to fight for the last second for Manchester United. "

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