Exhibition of Mourinho to return to Inter Milan, frankly train them is a kind of glory _ Mu Shuai


Original title: Exhibition for Mourinho intends to return to the country, frankly training them is a glory

Mourinho was fired by Manchester United, and the Portuguese are now at home. According to British media reports Daily Mirror, Mu Shuai received a 15 million penalty from Manchester United. He is now free to choose another team to continue. Coaching career. However, Mu Shuai does not intend to take on any team in the middle of the season, but will decide to return next season. Speaking about the possibility of returning to Inter Milan, Mu Shuai said that if he returns to Inter Milan, it will be an honor.

Mourinho trained Inter for two seasons and won Triple Crown in Inter's second season. Despite being away from Inter for many years, Mu Shuai has always been very concerned about Inter. When talking about Inter Milan, Mu Shuai always is to use "we".

Inter coach Spalletti did not lead the team in the qualifying of the UEFA Champions League group stage this season, so the future of the coach is also a question mark, the media also exposed the news that Inter Milan want to change coach. With Mu Shuai's current home presence, fans and the media began to take Mu Shuai back to Inter Milan.

For this possible return, Mu Shuai said: "Back to Inter Milan? That's a great honor." When a coach or player returns to a club that was previously played, that means you made it worthy of being there. When a professional or technical player returns or is invited back to the club, this is a great honor. I need to think a little and analyze what I have experienced in the last few years. I need to calm down. Be prepared for the next challenge " .

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