Every reporter interviewed Yuan Keping, Dajiang Dahe's writer: "It's good to attract 20% of the work. I never thought about winning all of them."


At the end of the year, a "Great River" not only broke the drama of 2018, but also opened a good for 2019.

Gentle and gentle Ping Ping, temperament and straight eye Lei Dongbao, intelligent Yang patrol, Song Yunhui from the spleen to a little … These new characters are still impressed in our minds even if they leave the screen. .

"Dajiang Dahe" has eliminated the gap between the generations of the old and the young and has become a popular drama for the whole people. What are the highlights of the second part? How does the creative team evaluate? How does the tribute drama look good? With these questions and expectations, the "Daily Economic News" reporter interviewed the theater writer Yuan Keping when he finished in "Dajiang Dahe."

In the winter of Beijing, there was a bitter mooring, and Yuan Keping suffered a cold.After recovering, he was still exhausted.However, when he talked about the creation of Dajiang Dahe, he immediately became full of energy and enthusiasm.

Speaking of good works: The key is to write some powerful people

"Writing is very difficult and requires honesty and hard work." At the beginning of the interview, Yuan Keping expressed his admiration and persistence in his creation.

The film industry faced a difficult situation in 2018, deeply anxious for all. After all, this is a content-driven industry: capital, stars and big IP are just wonderful packaging and support, and they are not a panacea once and for all. Yuan Keping concluded that the direct reason for the shortage of good dramas in 2018 is: "There is no passage through creation, and many works were invested and produced at a lower level." He believes that the failure of these plays is imaginable.

From the "Looking List," "The Name of the People" to the "Great Rivers and Rivers," fire is a manifestation of quality drama. "The ability of today's audience to appreciate art is getting louder, but the content we are offering now is to force them to watch the drama. Yuan Ke said that the current film and television industry should reflect on how to use quality. The drama to cultivate the aesthetics of the young audience, rather than at the beginning of the screenplay, is to take the bridge and the path.

Because "Dajiang Dahe" may resonate with generations of old and middle-aged people, this makes all people who have passed through this time or who have not experienced it deeply moved. "Understanding the times is the greatest test for writers." Yuan Keping said that if you do not love this time and this period of reform and opening, you can not stand at a higher angle to observe, experience and understand. It will be hypocritical. So "understanding the 40 years of reform and openness is the greatest test for the writer."

After a thousand years of hard work, it can be exciting. In the play, "Song Yunping off the assembly line" approached the hot pursuit, which did countless audiences move. "Pingping's death is an accident, but the death of the former secretary gave me the shock of the soul." Yuan Keping said that the former secretary and Lei Dongbao are the most touching characters in "The Big River", "Lei Dongbao The fall is the fall of the first generation of reformers of China, which reminds me of Wujiang, the anti-defeatist .

Good works are not just for writing a good story, but more importantly, writing some powerful people. "I've always believed that the standard of success is to leave different characters."

As a writer, more sincere and hard work can effectively improve the quality of work. In the age of diversification, there are more and more entertainment methods for everyone: Yuan Keping believes that a job can attract 20% of people. "I've never thought about winning over everyone, nor daring to expect that. It's my goal to try to get more people to like it."

There is still regret by Yuan Keping of "Dajiang Dahe". "We do not eat enough of this novel and we do not reach the best integration point, but the overall result is still relatively good."

Yuan Keping's high demands on writing can be seen in his attitude towards his daughter Yuan Zibo, who is the screenwriter for the drama "Ode to Joy." However, before Yuan Ziju fell in love with writing, Yuan Keping never made any interference, letting his daughter think if she should follow that path.

"When she wrote a TV series for the first time, she wrote an episode of death and wrote that the six or seven episodes could not be written because people died, but all this requires her to know "From the simple words of Yuan Keping, we feel that although he does not force his daughter to do anything, he will quietly pay attention to the growth of his daughter." I started writing a class for students, the text is very beautiful, but not as pretty as people & # 39; people. I picked up the written book and tore it, let it learn to say "people". "Yuan Keping smiled uneasily:" He grew faster, and it seemed like a blink of an eye would write a piece. Finally, the bullet was successful. "

Talking about creation: there is no shortcut, you need to "grind" the momentum

There are very few records on Yuan Keping on the Internet, he is not an active and productive writer. Before retiring officially, the screenwriter was even a "part time".

Yuan Keping worked as a construction worker for ten years after graduation, and after the success of the test troupe began writing novels. Now he is a first-rate national screenwriter at Hunan Provincial Art Institute, but has "Dajiang Dahe". In 15 years, he has created only five works. Among them, TV dramas like "National Action" and "Under the Sea" are familiar to the public, who have won the TV Flight Prize, the Tian Han Drama Prize and the Hunan Provincial Engineering Prize Five.

There are few works, but "will use all my energy to work hard to complete," Yuan Keping said that has no shortcuts in its creation. "Good works take some time to" grind "and run to movies and television dramas. Generally, they do not stand the test of time and do not support the public's expectations."

In 2018 coincided with the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening, the screen unleashed a tribute drama entrepreneurial wave. The protagonists joined the torrent of the times in the era of reform and opening up, trying to find some world. Yuan Keping said: "Now we are labeling many pieces with tribute dramas, chronographs and main melody." This seems to have given another label to these pieces: poor quality and false, but this is not caused by dramas and chronological tributes. of our authors and many realities. "

"I do not think the main melody is not well written, but that we have a deviation in understanding the main melody. It is very important that our emotions can be shared with them." Yuan Keping said that if the creator himself can not resound with the work first, He is bound to be unable to impress the audience. "They love parents, love family, love love, love warmth, these are the common emotions of human beings, and they are the common foundations we seek in creation.

Yuan Keping believes that making the audience feel real is the greatest difficulty in creating modern dramas: "If you want to write to make the public believe it is difficult, because it will be discovered by the public after a free time."

Today, the film and television industry is experiencing the influence of the Hollywood industrialization system, but "re-industrialization can not ignore the creation of the script," said Yuan Keping.

Talking about the IP bubble: more prosperity will also be attributed to the cold

There are not many works of Yuan Keping, and he is mainly based on serious realism, but surprisingly, he is a veteran Internet surfer. "Thousands of networks should have been read, fantasy, cultivation, city, science fiction, everyone can see and can not see." After laughing and mocking, he fell into meditation for tens of seconds. "It's just that the number of writers has been increasing and quality has been falling recently. In recent years, there have been no good authors on the web, so they have entered the bottleneck."

Although the industry pay attention to all kinds of flowers, in the last ten years, the great drama adapted IP network is the most popular subject.The rumors "step by step", "Thousand Flower" and other explosions have come and gone . However, when the IP was pushed to a high level of capital, many IPs that did not have a fan conversion rate were sold and sold at a good price. The result was often that the public did not buy and the mouth- Mouth collapsed.

"The blowout period has passed and the lack of excellent work on the network will directly affect the development of film and television theatrics." Yuan Keping said: "Whenever you are arrogant, the bubble will explode and more prosperity will be attributed to the cold." This also means that pessimism may be present, but do not despair. "It's normal to be in a valley, not survive during the trough, or have a chance when it's prosperous." For the author and the film company, whoever is more patient and has a future, fire is good for cooking. the easiest time to go wrong.The most important thing to do in art is persistence. "

The interview is drawing to a close, Yuan Keping revealed that he is currently preparing another modern theme, the timeline of the late 70's until the early 80's.

Why do you have a soft spot for modern drama? Because reform and opening up has far-reaching effects on it and is full of strength, recalling this road, Yuan Keping is full of excitement: "There is no doubt that China is rich, and the most important sign is that I have never seen anyone This is great and great for China! "He looked at the reporter and said one word at a time," Do not think having a meal is not a big deal, but for us, we're never kids. complete ".

The moment Yuan Keping fell into his memory, he could not help but stretch his fingers. "I found three carrots in this place (the small thickness of the thumb). The peasant saw the hoe and chased me, and wanted to get the carrot." I ran hurriedly and ate the mud with the soil. "

"China is rich and we must recognize the various dividends brought by reform and openness." Forty years is a long process. China has undergone tremendous changes. Yuan Keping is very satisfied. "Even if farmers still do heavy work, but if they do not return to poverty because of disease, return to poverty because of disease or suffer natural disasters, life is basically decent and almost all meals can drink, and even workers who have already had resignation work now have enough salary for them. Make time to bring your grandchild, dance and dance. "

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