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The Evergrande exhibition wants to sign Manchester United's lost 3-man group and the foreign aid midfielder sweeps the Superliga

Former captain Zheng Zhi, who is struggling in the Asian Cup, has seen many fans: although Zheng Zhi still maintains an excellent state, it is an undisputed fact that Zheng Zhi entered the year without a doubt. I have to find a replacement for that.

The possibility of He Chao, Zhang Xiuwei and others who had been hot before was getting lower and lower.And Evergreen changed his thinking.It is also a choice to introduce a strong external help in the position of the waist.Pergrande points to 31. The old midfielder of Manchester United, Fellaini.

Fellaini is a Belgian international with excellent strength and high body, he can act as a barrier both in midfield and on the court of attack. He is also a good interceptor. He has saved the team many times this season but this person is obviously the transfer market. Hot goods no. According to recent Belgian media Nieuwsblad, Milan once again became interested in Manchester United midfielder Fellaini. In other words, currently Milan, Porto and other teams joined the battle of Fellaini.

Evergrande has always needed to strengthen in the position of the midfielder, and Zheng Zhi can no longer play the entire season. The author analyzes that this transaction is different from the rumors that the wind is coming, if Fellaini can participate, is absolutely reasonable and feasible, and the strength of the team is phenomenal. First, he is in the defense court of the city, the barrier function of Fellaini makes him very advantageous in picking up points, which can be seen by another Belgian midfielder, Wittsel, who was last season. Second, at the crucial moment, Fellaini's front-line pressure, the impact of strangling the defense on the other side is excellent, providing a richer choice for Evergrande's tactics. In the case of Gao Laite, Alan and Jin Yingquan leave the team, Evergrande's share of foreign aid is sufficient, and eating a B2B and an extreme is a necessary solution.

After Solskya was near death, Fellaini had fewer and fewer opportunities at Manchester United. In comparison to Milan, the advantage of Evergrande is the high salary and the absolute main treatment. Fellaini, 31, still has a Premier League status and, if the final deal is formed, midfielder Evergrande is released and Paulinho can move forward with courage, Evergrande does not have to worry about the problem of "weakness in the waist." At this point, see how Cannavaro is used.

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