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2019-01-08 07:12:55 Source: China Youth Daily

Bingqing Yujie Wang Bingyu, a piece of ice heart in the jade pot – Tang Chang poet Wang Changling certainly will not think that after he created "Furong Building to send Xin gradually" more than 1200 years, an athlete named Wang Bingyu has a picture clear, pure and intelligent. And loyalty and enthusiasm for the sports cause, netizens have donated an adapted version of this poem.

The two lines of poetry, 14 words, correctly show the identity, image and personality of the former captain of the Chinese women's team Wang Bingyu.

One can say that the curling movement is in China because Wang Bingyu and the Chinese women's curling team she is in are quickly becoming household names, and she is grateful for the love she has received. Therefore, Wang Bingyu deliberately chose the day November 22, 2018, and officially announced his retirement through social media personal to show his gratitude.

Although he left the arena, Wang Bingyu, who is at the bottom of the Beijing Winter Olympics in China, is fortunate to be a member of the team of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee, which is responsible for the curling project. Three years later, the "Water Cube", Wang Bingyu will continue to pursue the Olympic dream with another role.

Some people say that it is Wang Bingyu who made the curling move that was originally extremely unpopular in China, but in Wang Bingyu's view, it is at this time that he achieved the Chinese curling.

Different roles, the same dream

In late December 2018, after Wang Bingyu announced that he had retired for a month, the reporter saw Wang Bingyu, who was no longer the captain of the Chinese women's curling team and became a regular member of the Beijing Olympic Committee . Leather shoes, briefcases and a dark dress … Compared to the "sports style" in the past, Wang Bingyu now has a little more cool and more experienced and capable.

In the office area of ​​the Sports Department of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, the Wang Bingyu workstation is near the window, which may overlook the grandeur of Shougang Park, but the work makes it almost innocent to enjoy the scenery outside from the window.

At this time of year, Wang Bingyu was still receiving final preparations for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and a year later Wang Bingyu wants to consider how to ensure the successful completion of the curling event of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing .

This change of role is not easy for Wang Bingyu, who has been an athlete for 18 years and remembers: "After returning from the PyeongChang Olympics, I also thought about playing 2022. I also thought if I would insist on that." Clearly, it is not simply a simple slogan "I want to play 2022", but to understand, "What you need to experience in the last 4 years, including our goal at the 2022 Beijing Olympics, we What is the responsibility? you will always struggle with the way you play 2022, including whether you are an athlete, a coach or a team member. "

When Wang Bingyu arrived at the Organizing Committee of the Beijing Winter Olympics in August 2018, he soon felt that this place would be his next stop. Following the completion of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the Winter Olympics entered Beijing and preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics began in full swing, but the curling team still does not have the corresponding talents to do the job. Wang Bingyu is clearly the best person to manage this work.


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