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Yes, Cecilia Cheung announced that she had three births and gave birth to a son, "Little Prince" …

Cecilia Cheung also made a microblog for the first time, and can see that she is very happy at the moment.

Then comes the question: who is the father of the child? The three versions are currently rumored.

Candidate "Daddy" No. 1: Liang Yifeng

Career: Singer

Age 32 years old

To the mainland friends, this Liang Yifeng can be very strange.In fact, he did not have much fire in Hong Kong.The only fire is probably his anecdote with Cecilia Cheung.

As for the reason he is the father of a child, in addition to the scandals of the two people and this photo in the sensitive period of November 25 (birth of Cai Baizhi), he took the picture below, it is suspected that the background is at the hospital.

It was reported that the interior map of the search and hospital was searched, the color of the wall and floor were quite similar, but the same place with the cabinet was not found.

When the reporter asked him for evidence, Liang Yifeng said that he had not contacted Cecilia Cheung a long time ago and denied that he was a child's father, so his possibility was dismissed, and then he took a look at second place.

Candidate "Daddy" No. 2: Singapore Regal

Profession: Shareholder of a company in Singapore

Age: 65 years old

Why do you suspect it is because of media reports that Cecilia Cheung travels frequently between Hong Kong and Singapore this year, and the insiders have given the news that they met at the end of March this year. Po Fuhao is especially good for Cecilia Cheung, the mother of Bai Zhi The younger brother was very fond of him and advised the two to open their love.

Suddenly, remembered early in March, Cecilia Cheung had a picture of a man swimming with a child, I do not know if he is jealous.

Although the rich are old, if they are really good for Cecilia Cheung, fans will recognize it. But the two met at the end of March and gave birth to children at the end of November, this rhythm is not right? ? ? Then there is the number 3

Candidate "Daddy" # 3: Rich Entrepreneurs of the Continent

Occupation: Businessman

Age 50 years old

This candidate is also very well documented, has about 50 years and maturity in appearance, not only has money but also takes place in society. And it was introduced by Bai Zhi's father, and the two sons Luke and Quintus got along well with him.

Although everyone had nose and eyes, none of them were officially recognized by Cecilia Cheung. In addition to the three above, the media also found several other "daddy" such as real estate investor Sun Donghai, who not only have the same image with Cecilia Cheung.

Also photographed with Cecilia Cheung and Lucas to buy toys ↓

But beyond the above, there is more interaction, Xiangtai also said that the two are just ordinary friends.

And he Menghuai, who participated in the reality show with Cecilia Cheung, has many "intimate photos"

After the show is not over, it is revealed that he has been secretly involved.

But the show, you know, are advertising routines! Soon Cecilia Cheung fan-fan made a rumor: false!

There is also this foreign man. For some time, Cecilia Cheung used to take pictures of him and the children. He had a rather familiar feeling.

Cecilia Cheung and he are also very good, so netizens have sent blessings.

However, he was also denied. Emilia Cheung said ins, "Sharing is a private matter, and now you're getting a lot." Then he sent a white cloth photo saying, "Too much space for you to make a story, this white cloth is long enough!"

In short, there are already many versions of the parents of the children, and the number of passes has been so great that they do not know which is more "true", so this matter is still awaiting the official announcement of Cecilia Cheung, and everyone should not guess.

However, one thing that can be confirmed is that no matter who the child is, no one can deserve the beauty of Cecilia Cheung in the hearts of people. She was out of the way, with a baby fat on her face and a sweet, pure eyebrow.

After the baby's fat was removed, the beauty of Cecilia Cheung also brought some British spirit. As she frowned, her heart would change.

Now that Cecilia Cheung has been debuting for 20 years, she has been beautiful for 20 years, even in the period of three births, it is so beautiful that people can not open their eyes.

After growing up, I can see that she is already a 38-year-old mother with three children.

But you think Cecilia Cheung is just beautiful, nonono, her charm is much more beautiful than simple. Especially after the divorce, she left the material look good!

Let me talk about her and her ex-husband Nicholas Tse. The two may be considered the "ex-wife's best ex-husband" in the entertainment industry. There is no tearing when they divorce, just to respect each other. Regardless of how the outside world "provokes", the two face the media forever.

Now both have begun a new life: Nicholas Tse meets with Faye Wong after a few years of divorce, Cecilia Cheung lives in Canada with children and now has a third child. So, YY about Wang Fei, Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung, everyone should stop, is not it good to be safe?

And Cecilia Cheung after the divorce also lived very well, not as "bad" as netizens imagined, instead she lived more and more exciting! While we took good care of the children, we also enjoyed singing their hobbies when she was young:



Skating raft

Playing basketball

Playing boxing ↓

Race ↓

Rock Climbing


One can say that she is a decathlon mother. No wonder Cecilia Cheung is always full of energy and her status is getting better and better. Whoever said that the single mother can not be very chic and comfortable, Cecilia Cheung is the correct way to open!

So you said that she has changed since becoming a mother, of course! Everyone knows that Cecilia Cheung used to dare to do this, never cares about other people's opinions, when the mother does things for the children, she puts the children first. Once she sank a foreign model who was naked on the bugs and said, "If it's not a family burden, I'd like to do it myself."

Occasionally, some more emotional texts will be sent ↓

"No one can stop me, no one can beat me except me!"

However, this does not mean anything, ordinary people still have problems, let alone her as a public figure. On the contrary, she did not let everyone see the fragility, but instead she felt more grounded and more real.

In terms of career, Cecilia Cheung worked harder than before, kept up with the times and began experimenting with different fields. She participated in the reality show "Stars to My Home," and became a family of rural families who "married" in Pu 39 er, Yunnan, and became a complete peasant. After three months of married life experience:

As judge in "Mama Mia" pass the positive energy of women

There is no delay in the film, but its development is not satisfactory. Since becoming a mother, she has not found a role that suits her, she can only consume her own classic characters and film the "11 Days and One Night of the Stars".

And "Hedong Griffin 2," although the theme is there, but word of mouth and box office …

Cecilia Cheung, who refused to admit defeat, began to evolve into the TV circle. We will not mention Cecilia Cheung. Currently, many "movies" have returned to the TV circle: Zhou Xun has "如 懿" ↓

Liu Jialing took a picture of "Half-Life" ↓

Tang Wei has "Da Ming Huang Fu" ↓

Even Zhang Ziyi also led the TV series "Emperor Phoenix" ↓

Cecilia Cheung and Wu Jianhao formed a partnership in "If Love (TV Series)", in addition to acting as number 1, she is still the producer of this film.

This plot is also a bit of significance for Cecilia Cheung's "tailor-made," telling the story of Wan Jialing (played by Cecilia Cheung), the housewife's funeral, after she experienced her marriage and became self-sufficient.

Regardless of career or life, Cecilia Cheung has worked hard. Compared to her appearance, this kind of unwavering tenacity in her body makes her more enjoyable. Maybe she was very willful, but who is not growing up while experiencing setbacks? Retreating from the rebellious thorns, today Cecilia Cheung is getting more and more beautiful. Say another word: Congratulations to the goddess and get another ~~


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