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2018-12-20 03:01:19 Source: Beijing Morning Post

Ding Yan Yuhang completed the surgery on the right knee

Beijing Morning News (reporter Wang Xiwei) Beijing time yesterday, after completing knee surgery right in Dallas, Ding Yanyu Airlines reported to fans who care about him in social media: "There was knee surgery, the operation went very well "It is reported that this surgery should require a recovery period of 4 to 6 weeks.

"Thanks to the lone ranger and the legendary team for giving me the opportunity this season.I received a very good treatment in Dallas.I hope the rehabilitation process proceeds smoothly and I hope to return to the stadium as soon as possible." Ding Yanyu Airlines reported the surgery at the first moment. The situation, accompanied by an image of standing with the thumbs up on both sides of the bed. "Whether it is the full fight of the World Cup next year, or the pursuit of my dreams, or one day I will return to the Shandong I love, and the brothers will join the champion to launch the impact … These need to a more powerful self, all my time.Reasons not to be relaxed.Thank you all for your support and waiting for me. "

It is understood that Ding Yan Yu suffered from knee injuries for a long time, this time is arthroscopy of the right knee. "It is our number one goal to help Ding Yan Yuhang to return to the stadium in a healthy way." And revealed that Ding Yan Yuhang will remain in the process of recovery of his subordinate team legend team, which takes about two months.

Ding Yan Yuhang made the NBA China Tournament on behalf of the Lone Ranger, and signed a contract with the team to join the Texas Legends team of the Lone Ranger Development Alliance. However, due to a knee injury, he was in recovery stage, this season did not represent the legendary team on stage.


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