Development and Reform Commission: The fourth batch of pilot reforms is not limited to companies in important areas The list of candidates was communicated to the leading group of state-owned enterprises reform.


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On April 18, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference on macroeconomic performance.

Yuan Da, director of the Policy Research Office of the National Development and Reform Commission and spokesman, said at the press conference that the reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises has always been of great concern to all parties. In order to give greater weight to the important role of mixed ownership reform in stimulating the vitality of market players and to promote stable and healthy economic development based on the first three batches of pilot reforms, the National Development and Reform Commission and Supervisory and Asset Management Commission (SASAC) are planning to launch the fourth batch of mixed reforms. Pilot work.

Yuan Da said that considering that the first three batches of mixed-reform pilots are concentrated mainly in some important areas, the number is also small. The main targets of the fourth batch of pilots are "expanding the number" and "expanding the field" .

In terms of "amount of expansion," Yuan Da pointed out that the total number of riders in the first three batches is 50, and the number of riders in the fourth batch will exceed 100.

In terms of "field expansion," Da Yuan said that the fourth batch of pilot options is not limited to enterprises in important fields, but also includes enterprises with sufficient competitive importance in the field of large-scale competition, and jointly-owned enterprises perceived the capital mix and aim to improve governance. In particular, some jointly owned companies with influential and exemplary roles.

"For example, a new product, a new technology, before the mass-production formal or marketing, first conduct laboratory tests, then extend the laboratory effect, carry out" small test "and" # 39 " "Mean test" After the success of the pilot test, it will be basically mass-produced. "Da Yuan said that the current batch of pilot reforms is similar to the" laboratory stage "for the stage of "small test" and "medium test." Summarize the pilot experience and actively promote the reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises.

Yuan Da emphasized that, currently, based on the department's request for opinions, a fourth batch of lists of pilot candidates was formed, which was reported to the State Enterprise Main Business Reform Group. After the leadership team approves the approval, the pilot implementation will begin.

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