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Departments Create a Warm and Peaceful Journey for Spring Festival Travelers – Xinhua Net

Xinhua Network
Time: 2019-01-30 21:36

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 30 (Reporters Fan Wei, Ye Yiming) The Spring Festival is approaching, and passenger traffic has gradually increased. All departments actively carry out the Spring Festival guarantee work and strive to create a warm and peaceful journey for the majority of passengers.

On the 30th, the national railroad is expected to send 10.7 million passengers, an increase of 1.8%. In order to further enhance the travel environment and provide warm service, Shenyang North Railway Station Group Corporation of Shenyang Railway Station in the waiting room will hold the couplets of the Spring Festival and send Wanfu activities to send passengers a blessing at the Spring Festival ; Beijing Railway Station Beijing West Railway Station will further promote the WC revolution 50 toilets will be added and equipped with washing with warm water, constant temperature fresh air system, bathroom use status display, etc., to make the passengers more convenient and convenient; Wuhan Bureau Group Company prepares medicines commonly used in major stations to prepare passengers from time to time. Need

In order to ensure the safe and stable use of electricity in the spring, the state-owned company Shandong Jimo has distracted the inspection of line equipment involved in major transportation facilities such as local railway stations, long-distance bus stations and gas stations, and equipment and equipment. Overburden and other safety risks, in view of increased electric vehicle travel during the Spring Festival, Zhejiang Yuhuan State Power Grid Supply Company has launched a comprehensive "physical examination" of the local charging stacks to understand the operation of the charging stakes and distribution system Real-time monitoring of the equipment's operating dynamics, providing convenience to the public "green trip."

In order to meet passenger travel needs, especially more "New Year's reverse" demand, Hainan Airlines increased its flights on 470 flights in Shenzhen during the Spring Festival and used wide-body aircraft from Shenzhen to Beijing, Xi & # 39; an, Hangzhou and Zhengzhou. To facilitate more passengers to enter and leave Shenzhen. Eastern Airlines has launched a new convenience for the convenience of the people, Eastern Airlines passengers with the change of itinerary can make the change of self-service through the mobile application "East China Airlines", eliminating the hassle of queues in the window.

(Editor: Zhang Wen)

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