Dan Shuai: No one can stop Harden from scoring. He can observe everything in the field – no one, do it, well, he said, precise – Netease Sports


2019-02-06 11:40:31 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports Zhang Qiang reported on February 6:

Yesterday, the Rockets defeated the Sun and scored two straight wins. Rockets coach Dan Tony said in an interview that no one can stop the score because he can watch everything on the court.

In this game, Harden scored 44 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, leading the team to beat the opponent. After the game, a reporter asked about the defense of Harden.Dantoni smiled and said he was "very successful." "Yes, it only took 44 points to limit it, that's very good." He said no one can stop Harden from scoring. "He can see everything on the court, he'll score anyway."

Dantoni said he was pleased with the rocket attack, and felt the defense needed to be strengthened. "There is a gap, we can all score goals, most of the time we did a good job, but we have to do better, defensive, and it needs to be done better all the time."


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