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Original title: Curry plays the savior! The test god was no longer calmly forward from the high-five, but Green gave Durant a "meeting"

If it's not Curry, the Warriors will probably be sunk by the Clippers. Throughout the game, Curry was also full of firepower, 12 of 22 shots, hitting 6 from three points and beating 42 points. The important thing is that after completing the near-final murder, the moment he felt the territory of the warriors was his.

As the number one civilian group in the West this season, this away game against the Warriors, the Clippers played quite tenaciously. They even took the Warriors to 11 points on the road, and the Warriors completed the lead in the fourth quarter. However, with just 39.5 seconds remaining, the three-point Bradley scorer helped Clippers get 125-127.

Durant lost three points, the Clippers took rebounds and quickly countered. The Harris pitch was blocked by Durant, but Bradley hit and forced Thompson into the area and the Clippers chased 127.

The warriors did not stop. Curry caught the ball in the middle of the road and, after the pick-and-roll, went to Harrell, who did not let this little chance. Cross-cut, killing the basket, relying on Harrell, a big hit in the basket, only to give the opponent 0.5 seconds.

After completing this series of victories, Oracle Center contacted directly. The teammates at the bank also rushed to find Curry. Some of them celebrated with Curry and the test gods came and celebrated with Curry. The Clippers shouted a pause and went back to the bench, who sat on one side and had to breathe. On the other side, Green's mouth could not stop and he gave Durant a meeting. At that moment, Durant was like a primary school student, listening.

Recalling the last game, Durant also played the savior, using the large three-point heart to help the warriors defeat the lone ranger. At that moment, the Warriors were much calmer on the bench. The test god went to the pocket of his pants with both hands, and Durant was also crushed by Green. The strange treatment seems to be inferior to the Indians. After all, Curry's career has been playing for the Warriors.Go back to Sohu and see more

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