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"Cross the Yangtze River" "Red Power" lights up young audiences

Millions of men have crossed the Yangtze River! This scene of the story was reproduced in the movie "Carrying the Yangtze River". Recently, the movie "Take the Yangtze River", jointly produced by China Film Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Radio and Television Station, has restored the important battle of this scene from the perspective of small people and the latest film technology. The "burning" and emotional "truth" of the movie "has won the hearts of young viewers. "There are stories, very bloody people. It's really good." "It's a little disturbing after watching and looks good outside."

Based on the perspective of little people presenting historical scenes

"Across the Yangtze River" pays tribute to ordinary war-era heroes, selects the prospect of an advanced detachment before the Battle of Dujiang, tells the story of their tigers in depth, fighting the enemy and finally cooperating with troops to cross the river without problems.

The lead platoon led by the protagonist, from capturing the map of Jiangp to locating radio stations, attacking the enemy in the news process and finally intercepting enemy reinforcements, paving the way for large forces to cross the river. Almost All Passages The original small team, which was originally small, will sacrifice one or two members to make the audience "sincere and sad." "Under the brutal war, how many people throw their heads and blood but have not left their names."

To make the story more complete, the film also incorporates elements such as espionage and suspense wars. Some viewers said in an interview after watching the movie: "There's a lot of suspense in the movie, so I've been hanging my heart: are the enemy team's friends in the end?" He believes the story can be seen by the name of the movie. The main line, but did not expect that there were so many surprises hidden in the "necessary" story. "The pace is very fast, and not at all dragged. Especially the first half of the advancing team has broken several times and is nervous to sweat." The movie on fire with red theme. That kind of little people appetite for me. Starting in a small place, he describes a point of liberation from the new China. The new life is really hard to find … enjoy the present! "

Some viewers said that the film was completed very well, that the plot was reasonably promoted and that it was "feeling". "The shooting chase scene was very sensational, the street fights were very exciting, the lens exchange clear, the pace fast, the face in several scenes. The confrontation was very new." There are also audiences who are impressed with the foreign warships were bombed. "What is the river rule?" Artillery fire is a powerful counterattack against them! Cross the Yangtze River and liberate all of China! Tears are full of tears. "

To restore the Battle of Dujiang, the scenario of this classic battle should not be less. Is it a real shot or historical data? "Across the Yangtze River" chose the most laborious and common practice: combining the two. On the one hand, using high technology to restore the actual video footage of the river crossing scene in the same year; On the other hand, using the actual scene, the spectacular scene of the time was re-photographed again to compensate for the data images, especially the Insufficient Quantity close-up. Finally, combine the two with special effects. Judging by the effect of the formation of the film, "Crossing the Yangtze River" achieved a high degree of consistency in the perspective and color of the data and the actual scene. The combination of the two reveals no flaws. The precious and shocking scene of the battle between rivers was recreated in the "Yangtze River Crossing" through the "combination of the virtual and the real."

At the Guangzhou premiere of the film, Chen Jiacheng, editor-in-chief of Guangzhou Radio and Television, said: "Going to the Yangtze River" vividly shows the scene of & # 39; s masters over the Great River & # 39; over and over again. Using a delicate narrative to express the small person's courage to the fullest is a very good movie. "Chen Jiacheng said that, in his opinion, this movie and the gift from Guangzhou radio and television station for the 70th anniversary of the foundation of New China, Use a good perspective to showcase a major event with which people are familiar. "He also revealed:" This year is the "first year of the movie" from Guangzhou Radio and Television. We have also taken a key step in filmmaking. "In addition to" Transporting the Yangtze River, "there are currently two works at the station. They are the revolutionary art film" Marriage at the Execution Site "and the inspiring local film showing the School Primary Huadu Qixing "jumping out of the world champion".

Emotions go to nature, small incisions reflect big feelings

The war movie not only embodies the cruelty of war, but also reflects the multifaceted and complex nature of humanity. "Take the Yangtze River" part of the details, part of the characters, uses emotion as the core and integrates the brothers' complex emotions in different fields of war. With a small incision to reflect the big feelings.

In "Crossing the Yangtze River," the two brothers in the enemy camp met again and faced the same problem: "Can't open the gun?" The gun is referring to a mother's brother, this gun, Can I pull the trigger? My brother can't do this, and my brother can't do this. However, the consequences of not shooting were very serious – his brother's comrades were sacrificed, the blood of his comrades and the guilt of his comrades made him suffer; the younger brother was threatened by "internal executions" and the boss no longer trusted him … "Do you want to break up?" My brother's seemingly simple and meaningful question fell silent and the two were both the red eyes. The relationship between family and country is the choice between right and wrong, the connection between individual and history, the fierce contradiction, and the emotional development of the two brothers in a few days. In fact, this treatment seems quite authentic. Both brothers must face the contradiction of the external war and face the internal emotional struggles. The perspective and style are quite different.

The younger brother in the movie finally chose national justice and, along with his brother, greeted the army across the river. At the end of the movie, the two brothers reconciled and reconciled. My brother "take you home" echoed the preface and wept very publicly. "The movie doesn't say much justice, it's very simple, you choose yes or no. In fact, I understand that my brother's appearance is just a matter of pushing my brother. The actual filming is very simple and the emotions are very natural. "

Regardless of whether it is the protagonist or the supporting role, the public's sense of substitution is very strong. "The people of the little people have a very strong feeling. Behind every great moment there is an ordinary person. The deep integration of the country of origin feelings and personal feelings, the angle and the shooting technique is very new." "The red power conveyed in the movie is very intense. True faith goes like this: out of conviction, therefore, do not hesitate and boldly advance. The sacrifice of the martyrs is tearful and full of emotions."

The actor sighed: "Baptism in the shoot"

"Playing the Yangtze River" will point the camera at the ordinary soldiers in the story. The origins, camps, weapons and characteristics of all have specific characters. The protagonist's identity is common but not monotonous. The story is simple, but not simple. This is a group of young fighters, bloody, passionate and intelligent, determined and brave. The image instantly brings the historical war characters and stories to life.

The film starring Zhang Tong, Yu Yue, Yang Lan, Yu Yushan and Hong Tianzhao, starring Zhao Bin, Xu Yating, Ji Xiaofei, He Kuan and Yan Peng, Nie Yuan starring Lu Xiaopin, Zhao Ningyu and Wang Jinsong. Speaking of this creation, the actors revealed that although the filming process was difficult, they were baptized in the filming process.

Zhang Tong, who won the Feitian Award for Best Actor, said abruptly in an interview: "I am trying to shape the image of an excellent Communist Party commander who is easy to snore in the movie. It is very significant to me." He believes the movie is "blood". See humanity. "

Powerful actress Yu Yue said, "Today's good life is exchanged for these heroes. I hope the public will remember these heroes." Actor Yang Lan sighed, "This role makes you get heavier and heavier. I love this character so much."

According to Shan Shan, I have never seen a "dying" team like "Going to the Yangtze River." "We use real guns, which are also gunpowder real bullets – commonly known as empty bombs. In fact, these bullets are quite dangerous when they hit people, but when we shoot this movie, we don't think of anyone. Dangerous, nobody asks for a replacement , everyone is running to the top, just to pursue that kind of realism. "

He Kuan, who plays the unknown hero in this work, said excitedly, "In this scene, the unknown hero has become a true hero in my heart." He Kuan believes that the movie that allows him to invest so much certainly Make the audience like: "Do you ask the young audience to accept? Of course, because I'm a young audience!" (Reporter Mossig)

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