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Create a national central city and accelerate the development of jumps and ravines_ 新浪 新闻

Original title: Creating a national central city, accelerating the development of leapfrogging

On January 17, Tang Yijun, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor of the second session of the 13th National People's Congress, attended the Shenyang delegation to discuss the government's work report and discuss Liaoning's development plan.

During the deliberation, representatives such as Jiang Youwei, Qian Xuesong, Guo Jing and Chen Dawei carefully reviewed and made suggestions. Everyone thinks that the government work report is realistic and reasonable, the purpose is scientific and reasonable, the deployment work is feasible and there is a high degree of temperament and temperature. It is a good report that is pragmatic and realistic.

After listening intently to the speeches, Tang Yijun said that last year the whole province conscientiously implemented the main policies of the Party Central Committee and the decision-making arrangements of the provincial party committees and won the new great progress in building a prosperous society , revitalized and exhaustively revitalized and took new steps. Solid rhythm. This transcript is hard-won and is the result of the united struggle of the people of all ethnic groups in the province. In this process, the city of Shenyang has taken an active role and made an important contribution to the sustained and healthy development of the province's economy and society.

Tang Yijun pointed out that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and is a crucial year for building a prosperous society in general. As provincial capital, Shenyang has a special and important position in the province's economic and social development, the provincial party committee and provincial government always have high hopes. Permanent in the new historical starting point of the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning, Shenyang City should recognize the new situation, clarify new tasks, clarify the direction and be clear and work hard to accelerate the establishment of a national central city, accelerate the development of the advance and revitalize and revitalize Liaoning comprehensively. Zhongdang is a pioneer, leading the way and doing demonstrations. First, we must focus on deepening reform, innovation and openness. We will continue to deepen market-oriented reforms, expand high-level openness and implement innovation-oriented development strategies in depth, release new vitality, stimulate new impetus, add new kinetic energy and accelerate the development of new competitive advantages, and development. Secondly, we should focus on improving the energy level of the city. Continue to improve the quality of urban planning and construction management, continuously improve the quality of people's material and spiritual life, make efforts to embroider and build smart cities and further enhance the influence, radiation and direction of the city. Third, we must focus on optimizing the development environment. Compare the benchmarking table with the advanced regions, pay close attention to the real development environment, first try and be a good benchmark, create more experience and provide a better reference. Fourth, we must focus on the coordinated development of the area. Accelerate the construction of the "four centers", be a good leader, strengthen coordination, coordinate synergies, work together, build and share and accelerate the integration and development of the Shenyang economic zone. Fifth, we should focus on building the cadre style. Respect dry words, real words first, word effect, and perform the special "re-emphasis, implementation, and implementation" actions with a consistent determination to ensure that a part is transformed one by one, Steadily increasing the sense of acquisition, happiness and security of the people and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with remarkable achievements. (Liaoning Daily Reporter Ming Shaogeng)

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