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On December 27, directed by Ning Hao, Huang Yan and Shen Teng starred in the movie "Crazy Alien" released the "Kidnapping" version of the trailer. In the trailer, after Hao Hao's nightly alarm (Huang Wei), Dafei (Shen Teng) again called for help, and the alien crisis was updated

Obviously, the two opponents, after experiencing a series of "negative resistance", completely gave up and "lay down and laughed." The trailer is also a golden phrase, causing a hilarious laugh. In the "嗨 上天" version of the poster exposed with the trailer, Huang Wei and Shen Teng floated in the air, suspected of being "spells" by aliens.

"Abduction" version of the exposure notice Max Force Strength! This alien will "spell"

After the film "Crazy Alien" "encoded" version of the trailer was exposed, Huang Hao, Shen Teng found the joyous drama of foreigners to help, and Lei Jiayin "too many clouds, can not find home" and other interesting lines were received Many fans and netizens praised. Huang Wei's three comic laughs, Shen Teng and Lei Jiayin were also praised by fans as "the man who grew up in laughter."

The release of the "kidnapping" version of the trailer, Dafei again late at night to ask for help, revealing important information "authentic aliens will spell." In order to solve the great crisis of the "changing master" of the Earth, Hao Hao and Da Fei lost their battles with the aliens after a ferocious "confrontation". They repeatedly repeated that "the land is for you, whatever you want", "destruction". Well, tired, and so on, the fascinating lines of the golden verses make people laugh. In this version of the trailer, although the aliens passed, but behind, it is slightly visible that looks like a peach, wearing a white space suit. In addition, there is also a "嗨 上天" version of the poster and the trailer together exposed, the poster on the yellow scorpion, sinking floating in the air, suspicious of the "spells" of the aliens.

Ning Hao creates a local science fiction

The movie "Crazy Alien" uses the history of science fiction to put the story of the sky on the ground and present the localized mark with a small person perspective. For Ning Hao, who directed the science fiction film for the first time, the pressure of "Crazy Alien" comes more from production. Director Ning Hao said: "I'm better at telling stories with rhythm and softness. Special effects films are an" embroidery "for me, and it's a very difficult challenge."

As two well-known actors in the industry, Huang Wei and Shen Teng will also face many physical performances in the film, which is also a test for both. In this regard, Huang Wei said frankly, "The performance of the opponent's game against the air or model props is indeed a test of imagination, but the director and the crew will help us establish this sense of belief and communication, giving us many The performance of the actor really in front of the camera is very useful. "Shen Teng also said," Most of the time is almost in communication with the air, this really made me adapt for a long time. "But for the final effect, Huang Wei is also looking forward to "Because the story is purely realism, and then with the aliens, in addition to the American agents, it seems a very strange piece."

The film "Crazy Alien" will be released nationwide on February 5, 2019.

Exclusive movie poster "Crazy Alien" "Beyond the Heart" IMAX version

Difficult brothers and sisters, Hao Hao, Dafei

Hao Hao, Da Fei and Aliens

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