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Coutinho Messi breaks the King's Cup Barcelona 6: 1 Sevilla advances – Barcelona, ​​Neo, hit the gate, Luis, Messi – China News Net

2019-01-31 11:05:15 Source: China News Net

Map of data: Barcelona. Image Source: Osports Full Sports Photography AgencyMap of data: Barcelona. Image Source: Osports Full Sports Photography Agency


BEIJING, January 31, Beijing time on the morning of the 31st, the fight of the quarterfinals round of the Spanish King's Cup at the Camp Nou, Barcelona vs Sevilla. Messi, Coutinho, Rakitic and other goals, Barcelona 6: 1 victory over Sevilla, the total score of 6: 3 reversed to advance to the King's Cup strong 4.

In the 7th minute of the first half, Messi made a straight on the right side of the restricted area, Artur hastened to hit the ball before the ball came out of the bottom line, and Messi followed the break and slammed the door at a small angle. At 11 minutes, Messi received a call from Coutinho in the restricted area and was knocked over by Promes, who scored 12 yards. Coutinho charged the penalty and penalized the ball to the lower left corner. At 17 minutes, Alba found Suarez in the middle of the restricted area, and the latter was blocked. Mossi followed and grabbed his left foot and hit his right foot with a curved ball to open the door for Soriano.

At 23 minutes, Promes' off-season ball was sent to the big area after the robbery on the attacking block, and Silva followed the door and hit the left column. The ball came off the perimeter of the area and Salavia took the ball into the big area and was pushed to the ground by Pique, the referee punctuated with the help of VAR Banega charged the penalty and hit the right side. Except, Barcelona escaped.

After 29 minutes, Suarez sent a free kick in high over the penalty box. The referee had no alternative but to show him another yellow card and send him from the pitch. In minute 32, Artur went straight, and Rakitic reversed the impediment and placed the ball in the penalty area to only beat Soriano, and the ball rolled slowly the goal. Rakitic, who faced the old goal, did not choose to celebrate.

At 38 minutes, Amadou pushed to the left side of the restricted area and pushed Suárez, but Barcelona scored a free near the large area, Messi scored the penalty and hit the door just above the crossbar. At 44 minutes, corner of Barcelona, ​​Coutinho opened the ball to the middle, Pique headed the ball and the ball hit the right post and flew out of the line. At the end of the semester, Barcelona led 2-0, with a total score of 2: 2 in Sevilla.

Barnega was sent off for the second half on the right, and Langley was sent off in the penalty area and the referee was sentenced to the foul. On 53 minutes, Suárez made a 45th-minute pass into the penalty area in the restricted area, Coutinho headed in and broke the goal.

2 minutes later, Messi cut in and out of the restricted area, Roberto followed with a low shot to fight in the far corner, Barcelona scored 4-2 lead! In the 57th minute, Artur fired back, Coutinho picked up the ball and scored a low kick, but the impediment was the first and the goal was invalid. At 68 minutes, Sileson's pass was broken Amadou took the team-mate, passed the ball and hit the ball, Arana followed the ball and hit the ball, which went straight to the corner. Sevilla's overall score is 3: 4 behind.

In the 80th minute, Coutinho sent a cross on the front row, and Messi followed the left foot and gave the kick. In the 89th minute, Barcelona countered the opportunity, Alba spread through the penalty area, Suarez then pushed the empty door to seal the victory. In time to stop, Barcelona again had a counter-attack opportunity, Messi in the restricted area to receive Suarez watches and pushes. At the end of the game, Barcelona defeated Sevilla by 6: 1 at home, and the total score of 6: 3 reverted to 4th place in the King's Cup this season. (End)

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