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Condensation major common divisor

The new year just arrived. For many Chinese, the first "red envelope" received for the first time is about personal income tax. Effective January 1, 2019, the new Personal Income Tax Act has been officially implemented. Taxpayers can take advantage of the larger tax cuts brought by the six additional deduction policies, based on the monthly limit of 5,000 yuan. . The whole reform is in accordance with public opinion, taking into account differences in personal burdens and is more conducive to the fairness of the tax system. The formal implementation of this new regulation is the most worried part of China's new round of tax reform, and has further liberated a huge retirement dividend.

It is not easy to take that critical step. The Individual Income Tax Act was implemented in 1980 and underwent seven major revisions. Much of the content of this review is called "fundamental reform." For example, the tax limit underwent several adjustments: from 800 yuan per month in 2005 to 1600 yuan, 2,000 yuan and 3,500 yuan later, the revision method was raised to 5,000 yuan. This means that the proportion of personal income taxpayers in urban employment will be reduced from 44% before the revision to 15%. In addition, the standard of 5,000 yuan is not fixed.In the future, will be dynamically adjusted according to changes in the level of basic consumption expenditure of urban residents.

For example, special additional deductions for the first time include child education expenses, continuing education, severe illness treatment, housing loan interest or rent of housing, and maintenance of the elderly, which are of vital interest to the people. In order to ensure the Huimin reform, the financial and tax departments carried out a large number of on-the-spot investigations and discussions before formulating measures, soliciting public views and absorbing a large number of public opinions. The reform has also expanded the low-quality tax rate, so taxpayers can enjoy tax cuts to varying degrees, especially for middle-income groups. It can be said that this time the individual tax reform, each ordinary people are participants, witnesses and promoters, condensed the largest common denominator and designed the largest concentric circle.

The key to tax reform is to implement it, it is not easy to deal effectively with new things and do good things. The revision of the personal income tax law is a historical change, and the implementation of the special additional deduction is a new attempt. For tax authorities, withholding agents and taxpayers, special deductions are a new thing. "Crossing the river feeling the stones" requires more of all the relevant parts. In order to ensure the new tax system, tax authorities have done a lot of preparatory work on system innovation, such as policy training, departmental information sharing, collaborative management, and tax credit application. We hope that the relevant departments can continue to strengthen business orientation and policy publicity, and consider policies more carefully and comprehensively so that there are fewer problems after the implementation of the new law.

For most taxpayers, it is important to strengthen learning. It is necessary to understand the new fiscal policy as quickly as possible and clarify the way the self-declaration operates, to ensure that you can clearly enjoy the tax reduction bonus. At the same time, it is necessary to declare with sincerity. New tax law enforcement regulations and the special tax deduction method for individual taxation clearly stipulate that taxpayers and withholding agents are required to keep relevant information related to special deductions in accordance with regulations if the tax authorities carry out on-the-spot checks later. That is, if the taxpayer falsely falsely and falsely reports personal information, the consequences will be very serious, and relevant departments will deal with it according to the law, incorporate it into the personal credit information system and implement joint punishment.

Tax reform, starting point and base are for the people, so reform should pay attention to the livelihood of the people and follow public opinion. At the same time, it should be noted that in order to pay a tax, it is inevitable that everyone's appeal will be different, which is normal. Due to China's current national conditions and constraints on collection and management conditions, this round of tax reform is unlikely to satisfy everyone. How to make the tax system fairer? The key is to see if the reform has condensed the largest common denominator and meets the reasonable demands of most taxpayers. As we continue to adhere to this standard, the next step of tax reform will be improved and deepened, and we will be better able to respond to people's expectations and satisfy people's longing for a better life. (Peng Xunwen)


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