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Xinhua News Agency, Canberra, January 7 Comments: A stifling three-point national football team

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Dongxing

That's right, although it is only the first game of the group stage, despite facing the Kyrgyzstan team with 15 lower world rankings, the Chinese men's soccer team almost faced the danger of being killed in the first half. Luckily, coach Lippi adjusted the tactics in time, and the team gradually regained the state, spelling some with luck, but also exposed the problem of "opening the door."

In the first half of the poor performance of the selection, in addition to the "slow fever" of the start of the big game, the team also showed a style of "three guard + two wings" that did not match the starting team. The combination of Feng Wei, Zhang Linyi and three-way guard did not show sufficient protection of space and tacit understanding of the distance. The three people were often concentrated in the middle of the restricted area, while the two wings Zhang Chengdong and Liu Yang also frequently recovered the road of protection, resulting in The sidewalk became the "hardest hit" of the opponent's key attack and was almost destroyed.

The Asian Cup "New Army" took the lead in breaking the goal under the dominant attack continued, which exposed this problem. At that time, all five Chinese guards were "hiding" the restricted area, the two sidewalks were empty and the top of the restricted area was also empty, which made the unmarked Islaylov have a chance to calm down. Volleyball volleyed the goal.

If it had not been for the Kyrgyz team's shooting, Luke's two absolute chances were almost enough to give the Chinese team an "open door." This would be the worst start for the national football team to dare to imagine and could affect the team's prospects. The opportunity that Lukes won was also the lack of tacit understanding of the whole defensive system of the national team and the exposure of the three central defenders among themselves. Therefore, the technical and tactical performance of the national football team in the first half is not successful.

Fortunately, such a veteran team met, although their physical strength and impact were worried about the outside world, but they were not choked by the pressure but with enough cohesion and hard work to return Lippi to the 433 lineup. completed and finally regained the long-lost tacit understanding of the past 45 minutes.

After Feng Wei and Zhang Linyi partnered with defender, Liu Yang and Zhang Chengdong defended the two wings, the position and the responsibility under the four-man defensive system became clearer and the performance was that the middle defense was no longer ineffective. After the line of defense was able to operate normally, Wu Hao, who entered the state before his teammates, and Hao Junmin, who left the bench, and Chi Zhongguo also gained space in the midfield, allowing the Chinese team to regain control of the rhythm of the game. "Combination" also supported Yulin, Wu Lei and Yu Dabao on the front line.

Although this state is still far from the "100% level" of the national soccer team at the 12th World Championship in Russia, but considering the difficulty of the start of the competition and the team's staff group is in fact a "old age" board, The Three hard-to-find points still need to give confirmation to the players' hard work.

After all, the weak historical history of youth training makes 33-year-old Feng Wei and 32-year-old Yu Lin and other veterans still the only active Chinese football players to have scored the World Youth Championship in the last ten years . It is the backbone of the national team. I hope that under his leadership, Wu Lei, who is at the golden age of his career, can feel the best he can and score the most, and the youngest player, Liu Yang (23), can also continue to participate in the valuable competition . Grow up

After a good start, the national football team still needs a fight. After all, "attitude determines everything".

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