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November 28, 2018 07:44

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Regularly reported to the whole media news 23-25, after going to Nantong Economic Development Zone and Taicang City to study and study, Changzhou high-tech zone held the 2019 Economic and Social development seminar workshop and Emancipation mind meeting meeting results meeting, summarizing the results and analyzing the problems. Clear target tasks.

On-site study

Be the Nantong Tonghai District, Taicang Port, which is based on the development of port resources, Sino-German (Taicang) Cooperative Innovation Park, a well-known brand of Sino-foreign cooperation, or Big Data Bureau and Zhongtian of the Nantong Economic Development Zone , which represents industrial layout and business innovation. The Institute of Science and Technology, a successful example of rural revitalization, the Donglin Cooperative Farm and the planning and appearance of the Nantong Economic Development Zone and Taicang City left a deep impression on everyone.

Zhou Bin, Standing Committee member of the Changzhou Municipal Committee, secretary of the High Technology Zone Party Work Committee and secretary of the Xinbei District Party Committee, said we should study strategic planning of advanced areas, learn systematic thinking , learn the future, understand the law, learn the style and recognize the competitive situation. Identify the direction of the fight, gather courage and confidence, come with the spirit of uncompromisingly and bravely strive for the first and then create new achievements and rise new heights.

Zhou Bin pointed out that 2018 is the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, and is the beginning year for the development of high quality. Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the severe and complex macroeconomic environment and the difficult and difficult tasks of reform and development, the whole region has met, resisted the pressure and worked hard, achieving good results. The first is to unify ideological understanding through the discussion of emancipation of mind; the second is to improve the quality of development by increasing the project; the third is to narrow development in the short term by promoting the three great battles; and the fourth is to strengthen vitality through the integration of reforms. The fifth is to strengthen the foundations of party building through patrolling and rectification of all sales.

However, by looking at the current status quo, there are still some outstanding issues that restrict the pace of high-quality development in the high-tech zone. Planning the goals and ideas of next year's work, Zhou Bin stressed that it is necessary to be cautious and maintain confidence. We should comprehensively grasp the global economic situation, seize the great opportunities for the integration of regional development of the Yangtze River Delta and become a national strategy, adhere to the general tone of steady progress and take the reform of the party and government institutions as an opportunity to lead large projects and fight resolutely Win the "three big battles", focus on the theme "six years industry, year of business service, reform and combat the year", deepen the implementation of "six special actions", promote development of high quality and achieve substantial results, with extraordinary achievements until the 70th anniversary of the founding of the new China Gifts Specifically, we must do a good job of "1 + 6". "1" is the leader of the party building. We must promote high-quality development with the creation of high-quality parties, promote the work of building a clean and honest government and anti-corruption work and innovate three mechanisms throughout the region. Practical use at work, "6" means "six special actions".

Zhou Bin pointed out that next year is a crucial year for the implementation of the "six special actions." We can implement the specific tasks and measures identified in the three-year action plan, more specifically and accurately, and lay a solid foundation for the the 2020 target.

First, in the special action of industrial innovation and high-quality development: we must focus on the "two new three special industries", accelerate the establishment of the "photovoltaic city" and "Eastern Carbon Valley" and play the leading role of Tiehe Solar Energy and Zhongjian Technology. Accelerate the development of modern services industry and build six services, including the Changzhou Integrated Port Area, Xinlong International Business District, Jiangnan New Financial Technology Park, Creative Industry Base, Global Tourist Demonstration Zone and Demonstration of Innovation of Social Security Services. The leading operator in the industry strengthens the momentum of innovation and continues to promote the innovative "$ 100" business plan.

Second, in terms of opening special high-quality development actions: we must adhere to project leadership and ensure that about 120 high-quality projects are signed and signed throughout the year, including 70 industrial projects with a total investment exceeding $ 10 million or 100 million yuan. 30, 20 scientific and technological talent projects, focusing on breakthroughs in major projects with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan or 1 billion, 5 billion yuan or $ 500 million. Adhere to a precise focus, benchmarking of developed European and Swiss countries, such as Germany and Switzerland, accelerate the construction of cooperative parks such as the Sino-Swiss Industrial Cooperation Park (Changzhou) and the Changzhou Intellectual Industrial Park, to encourage enterprises to become and actively integrate into the One Belt, One Road national strategy.

Third, in the special action of high-quality development of cultural tourism: we must deepen the cultural connotation, promote the construction of the cultural belt of the Grand Canal and the joint application of the Water City of Jiangnan in the Ancient City of Menghe, and continuously improve the charm cultural tourism; The city's tourist function, Jiangnan Global Harbor, Xinlong Ecological Forest and Menghe Xiaohuang Mountain will accelerate the gradual renovation and renovation of the Global Dinosaur City project, promote the construction of the characteristic city of Menghe and introduce the Xiaohuangshan project, attracting social capital and implementing tourism. + "Strategy of development of the entire service chain.

Fourth, in the special action for the development of high-quality urban and rural construction: we must pay attention to planning and guidance, deepen multi-disciplinary integration, optimize urban construction zones, industrial development zones, ecological protection zones and village layouts throughout the region, highlight construction priorities and accelerate the construction of Changzhou Integrated Port Area Integrate key resources such as shoreline, quays and railways, open trains in Central and Central Asia, introduce leading enterprises, accelerate construction of the new high-speed railway city, do a good job with the land, improve land use, discard inefficient land use and improve the industry Land is used for production, rural revitalization is accelerated.

Fifth, in the special action for high-quality development of the ecological environment: we must promote the protection of the Yangtze River, accelerate the elimination of productive capacity along the Yangtze River, promote the green transformation of the industry, actively create an "unscented" and implement the ecological project "1357" to strengthen Wei. Protect the drinking water source of the village, build an ecological safety barrier along the river, fight the battle against pollution, deepen special action "263", continue to increase business remediation "disintegration", odor water treatment black, strengthen air quality control and promote The construction of the sewage pipeline network will rigorously investigate environmental violations, create a demonstration zone of ecological civilization.

Sixth, in the special action for the development of high-quality people's lives: we must balance the development of social enterprises, accelerate the construction of schools, hospitals, cultural and sports facilities, promote management reform and district employment of teachers and expand the scope of the pilots to the registration points of the mobile entrepreneurs; We will increase the protection of people's livelihoods, continue to promote the construction of the Experimental Zone of Governance of the National Rural Community, pilot demonstration areas for home and community pension reform, accelerate the work of assisting the disabled and carry out the Sunshine Poverty Alleviation to to ensure low incomes throughout the region by 2019. The establishment of card-based households will reduce poverty, maintain social harmony and stability, deepen social governance innovation, promote the development of the special campaign against evil, and eliminate evil and will do a good job on food safety, drug safety and production safety.

Chen Zhengchun, director of the management committee and head of district, said that through study and study, saw the development of advanced areas according to local conditions, strengthening forces and avoiding weaknesses, and coordinating regional development.He saw awareness of people to improve people's lives and benefit people and saw well-planned and finely managed urban and rural areas. Business Philosophy For next year's work, he pointed out that the first is to further clarify the focus of the district and the city. District departments should focus on strengthening the high-level project and providing systems for line work, refining relevant plans, and improving related policies, especially for regional work such as investment promotion, urban construction and construction. social enterprises. The whole district "a game of chess". At the same time, efforts must be made to study ways to solve surface problems and strengthen work supervision. All cities and streets should pay more attention to management and service and should compromise management responsibility and fully stimulate the role of villages and communities in social management. The second is to increase confidence, close your teeth, maintain some strength and do a good job in promoting major projects and revitalizing land. Grab the cultivation of leading enterprises and increase the introduction of quality enterprises. Fully understand the needs of enterprises, coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of enterprises, guide enterprises to seize opportunities, transform and upgrade and continue to grow stronger. Efficient incremental service companies, focus on completion of key projects and focus on cultivating new economic growth points. The third is to further resolve the outstanding contradictions and to play an evaluation-oriented role.

At the meeting, relevant district leaders focused on the key issues of their respective work, exchanged research and reflection results in discussion activities on emancipation and ideology, and presented many ideas and measures directed and feasible for the work of all the district next year. Cities, streets and the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Department of Economic Development, Commerce, Finance, Environmental Protection, and Examination and Administrative Approval, have exchanged their ideas and general priorities for the coming year. (Li Ying / Wen Yan Orange / Photo)

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