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Change the trainers like a knife! Manchester United's victory is even more beautiful, Bogba is sitting on the rumors "inner ghost" – Manchester United, Borg, Mourinho, scored, scored – handsome Drogba


2018-12-23 06:01:58 Source: Drogba Bonito

Original title: Change the coaches like a knife! Manchester United's victory is even more beautiful, Bogba is sitting on the rumors "inner ghost"

Change the trainers like a knife! After the first Solskjaer show, he took all three points in the old club and got off to a good start, and Manchester United soldiers used their lives and scored a 5-1 score: Bogba was brave in this game. He not only contributed directly with two assists but also two goals had a direct relationship with him. Manchester United scored 5 goals in a single game, returning to the Ferguson era of the 2012/13 season. In the farewell battle of Ferguson, Manchester United drew 5-5 with West Brom. After this match, Ferguson finished in 27. Career of Manchester United.

In the last round of the Premier League high profile "double red", Manchester United lost 1-3, although the score is not too embarrassing, but the scene is completely one-sided, in Liverpool's tide offensive, Manchester United almost no counter- attack In the 90 minutes, Liverpool scored 36 shots, and Manchester United kicks were only a fraction of the opponent's kick. Subsequently, Manchester United officially announced that Mourinho had a class, and the madman could not get out of the "third year curse."

The "super-substitute" Solskjaer, who had worked for Manchester United for many years, was on fire. The first challenge after the Norwegian marshal took over was dealing with the relationship with the Bogba team core. Before the relationship between Mourinho and Bogba went from bad to worse, the French star was hidden by Mourinho because of his lazy attitude in the court. The contradiction between the two was almost irreconcilable, which also led to Mourinho's class. One reason.

After Solskja took office, Bogba returned to the main lineup. This round of Manchester United out to challenge the newly promoted Cardiff City, the French star entered the starting list. In the end, after a 90-minute dispute between the two teams, Manchester United won 5-1. Manchester United scored 5 goals in a single game but also dates back to the Ferguson era. More than five years since the season, neither Moyes, Van Gaal nor Mourinho led the team. After five goals, Solskjaer completed that feat in the debut of Manchester United, recreating the miracle of the "super substitute" of his player.

Among the five goals scored by Manchester United in addition to a penalty, the other four goals have two goals Bogba assists, and the other two goals have an indirect relationship with Bogba, so it is no exaggeration to say The French star is the number hero one of Manchester United to win a big win on the road. Bogba's gritty performance shows Mourinho's embarrassment: the Portuguese failed to find the French star's instruction manual during the coaching period, and Solskjaer's first game inspired Bogba's offensive talent.

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