Cecilia Cheung admits that the identity of the third child's father is a mystery Nicholas Tse commented – Do not worry – Canada does not care


  1. Cecilia Cheung admits that the identity of the father of the third child is a mystery, Nicholas Tse commented on the light – worry free information
  2. Cecilia Cheung first admitted that the birth of three children, mother and son, four people, super hot photo | Cecilia Cheung | three tires | Sina recognition
  3. Cecilia Cheung announced that the third son, the "Little Prince", has been full moon. Channel 8 News & Current Affairs
  4. The three-child son of Chinese actress Cecilia Cheung has been confirmed as having an incredible record of fatherhood.
  5. Studio publishes document admits child of three children of Cecilia Cheung: Full Moon Prince Little | Cecilia Cheung | Child with three children | Full Moon Sina
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