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Car rental market is booming before the holiday, car rental home pay attention to three points –

The car rental market is booming before the holiday season.

Experts point out that it is more important to rent qualified vehicles, careful with fraud and with safe driving than with price.

Changsha Evening News, full media reporter Xie Chunnian

As the Spring Festival approaches, the rental car market is extremely hot. A few days ago some citizens informed Changsha Evening News 96333 that it is not easy to rent a car to go home in the new year because the price of car rental is several times higher than normal and the economy is missing. The reporter learned in an interview that, near the Spring Festival, the price increase of car rental is in fact very common. Relevant experts have pointed out that in comparison to the price, renting qualified vehicles, taking care of frauds and driving safely are three things that need more attention from renters.

The closer to the Spring Festival, the higher the rental price

"I usually rent a car for less than 100 yuan a day, but now I have to rent a car for 300 yuan a day, it's crazy and there's almost no car rental." Yesterday, the public told reporters that it wanted to rent a budget type from a car rental company in the city. The car went home in the New Year, but I did not expect the car rental to offer more than three times the normal price.

The reporter conducted a survey on the car rental market yesterday and found that the car rental market is very hot. The reporter learned from the Hunan Car Rental Association that vehicles from the Changsha shop, a member of the association, were basically rented, and there were not many cars, and the price of car rental usually went up. The Changsha Meiling Car Rental Company team told the reporter that the company's standard vehicles were basically leased. "From January 26th to 28th is the peak period of car rental.Most of the vehicles of our company is rented out these days.Company staff said it is about the New Year, and there are still some Honda cars left. The rental price is 600 yuan a day, and the rent is 12 days. There is also Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and they have to rent for 12 days. The daily rental price is over 1,000 yuan.

The reporter learned that early in the Spring Festival, many car rental companies opened the car rental reservation business Spring Festival, the price is more favorable, and some companies also give gifts or awards to rental customers of automobiles. A car company shared in the city's slogan "The car of the Spring Festival does not raise prices, the sooner the reservation is more profitable, as low as 99 yuan a day." A car rental company that has just entered the Changsha market has launched a car rental package for 7,000 yuan for 7 days and 1,299 yuan for 10 days. However, the closer to the Spring Festival, the more expensive the price of car rental. In the actual investigation, the reporter found that in recent days, rental car rents have generally increased twice or more than usual, and the lease time is more than 10 days, and some even rent for 15 days.

Going home for the New Year, renting a car is more convenient

The reporter learned that in recent years, renting a car to go home on New Year has become an emerging way of traveling. Li Jiqing, chairman of the Hunan Car Rental Association, told reporters that compared to previous years, the car rental business is better this year. Renters are mainly three types of people, and the other is a family of cars that go home at long distances. In the past, it took them two or three days or more to drive their own private cars. It was very difficult. With people's income increasing, the high-speed train and aviation industry has become increasingly convenient. These people who need to drive long-distance bus first take the plane or take the high-speed train and then rent a car to go home. This saves energy and goes home. "The most distant is Xinjiang, and people working and living in Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Beijing, Zhejiang and other places rent a car to go to House. "

In addition, the other two types of car renters, the first type of people who usually drive a bus, under the strict regulations of the state, can not drive the bus home for the New Year, so rent a car to go home , the other is a person who works out and has no car. The cars come home, both decent and convenient. In addition, there are people who can not buy tickets and tickets, and need to rent a car to return home for the New Year. As the demand for car rentals at the start of the Spring Festival has increased significantly, car rental prices have steadily increased.

Beware of car rental disputes and car rental scams

In view of the growing popularity of car rentals in the Chinese New Year, Shi, an industry insider, made three suggestions to avoid consumer disputes. First, before renting a car, after looking at the right models and vehicles, make sure that the leased vehicles have legal procedures. If vehicle procedures are not complete, if an accident occurs or is detected by traffic police, it will be a problem for you, second, when signing the contract, you should see the terms of the contract as if the rental and deposit are consistent with the previous discussion; After deciding to rent a car, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive inspection of the decoration inside the car and the condition outside the vehicle, so as to avoid disputes when returning the car.

"Do not discard a black car rental company, get some hands and feet in some places where you do not pay attention, pay for repairs when you return the car and even deduct your deposit directly. After all, you did not check the car in advance. " Shi suggested that renters try to rent a car at a regular and well-received car rental company.

"There is also a special point, that is, safe driving and civilized driving." Shi said some renters believe they pay to rent a car, and do not care about traffic violations after renting a car. Counted on the driver's head. He reminded car buyers that they should not be lucky.

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