Borrowing the ancients? The court drama was ordered to stop broadcasting – Free Asia Radio Mandarin (RFA)


  1. Borrowing the ancients? The courtroom drama was drunk and stopped being broadcast. "Free Asia Radio Mandarin (RFA)"
  2. The Beijing Daily drama "Yanlan Raiders", alongside the Epoch Times
  3. Beijing Daily quoted "five sins" Gongdou drama suspected of being completely banned by TV | Beijing Daily | Gongdou drama | five sins
  4. Concerned about insinuating Zhongnanhai? The Gongdou drama has been approved for 5 sins and will be suspended.
  5. The drama of Gongdou was approved. Turning China to stop broadcasting "Yanqi Raiders" "Rugao Biography" Without Chew Daily
  6. See full article in Google News


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