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Blessings return! Muller opened two pitches and captured feelings. Bayern ended up leading passers-by

Original title: Fushen return! Muller opened two shots and felt his feelings and Bayern finally greeted the passers-by.

Against newly promoted Düsseldorf, Bayern opened the scoring and scored 3 goals, but was also scored by 3 goals by the opponent and in the end by 3-3, still unable to recover in the championship. Feeling The only gain in this nightmare league may be to rely on Muller who scored the goal.

Since the new season, Muller has scored two goals beyond the start of the league, and almost all of them have failed in the rest of the game. Before the campaign, there were only 3 goals in 16 appearances in each event and up to 2 assists. On the national team, Muller also gradually lost his position. Although this day of national team play, Muller opened his national team a hundred games, but his performance in the bank, performance and role has been much worse than before. Despite this, coach Loew praised Muller. "He deserves a lot of respect and heartfelt gratitude, and he's not yet 30. If a man finishes 100 national team matches at the moment, it's really good, he hardly ever hurts." When others say they need a break, Muller here, for the national team to get it all. "Currently, Muller's national team data is 100 games and 38 goals .. Originally, his goal of efficiency is not low, but performance in the last two years is very unsatisfactory, 17 appearances of the national team scored only 2 goals, the World Cup this summer is also unrecognizable.

With the military medals of the country's 100 milestones, Muller returned to the club. Before the game against Düsseldorf, Muller and his teammate Lewan accepted an awards ceremony for the club, which celebrated the two strikers to reach the national team and give them two giants. Photos and flowers. Perhaps the club ritual has brought a different kind of luck to Muller. On the Düsseldorf side, Muller has finally regained the sense of lost goals long ago.

Seeing that Bayern's attack is still thunder and heavy rain, although Jules scored a goal but also managed the defensive errors cheaper. At the crucial moment, Muller advanced. At 20 minutes, suddenly received a long pass from Boateng, after the successful impediment, he unloaded the ball in the large area and completed a kick in the short distance in front of the door and finally broke his drought. At the beginning of the second half, when Düsseldorf recovered a goal, Müller and Lewan's heart was in harmony, Muller followed Lewan's foot and followed him, and the right foot of the great area shot and scored another goal.

He helped Bayern extend the score to two goals but still could not help Bayern to win. Although Muller's wonderful performance is a bit gloomy due to the team's final slowdown. However, in the case of unsatisfactory performance of the team, the sudden appearance of Muller undoubtedly generated great profits, at least Kovac has another hand that can be used alone. If Muller can score and assist as usual, then Bayern's performance will not be bad, and Muller can also become the leader of the Southern Star reversal. Do not forget, Muller is Bayern's great blessing star. Previously, since he scored the game, Bayern remained undefeated. Muller scored 81 times in the Bundesliga, and in the 81 games that represented Bayern, Bayern's record was 76 wins and 5 draws!

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