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Belgian superstars have been banned for disciplinary reasons! With a price of 38 million euros, he almost joined Evergrande – Inter Milan, Serie A, official website, high price, is – Star Yao Madrid

2018-12-23 22:27:40 Source: Star Yao Madrid

Original title: Belgian superstars are banned for disciplinary reasons! It is worth 38 million euros and almost joined Evergrande.

On the evening of December 23, Beijing time, Inter Milan, Serie A, issued a shocking announcement on the official website. Belgian superstar Nain Golan on the team was banned inside the team for disciplinary reasons.

"Inter Milan can confirm that Nain Golan has been temporarily suspended from attending football matches due to disciplinary factors." Although the official website of Inter Milan did not disclose the reason why Nain Golan was specifically banned, but according to previous reports from the Italian media, The reason the Belgian midfielder was banned was late in training this morning.

Due to this suspicion of late arrival, Nain Golan will not only face a huge Inter Club fine, but will also lose at 3:30 in Beijing on December 27 and the focus of Serie A in Naples, which is worth the loss.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Nain Golan has suffered this week. Previously, he was the victim of a forged check case because of a casino trip in Monte Carlo, and was charged with 150,000 euros. This week for Nain Golan, it is indeed "the house leaks and the evening rain".

As the best midfielder in the A-Series stadium, the Almighty Defensive has been a coveted prey to many giants. In January of this year, Guangzhou Evergrande, the super-commander of China Super League, bought a fee of 50 million euros to buy it, but in the end the benevolent Belgian refused Evergrande's invitation and the transfer fee of 38 million this summer. He entered Inter Milan.

Although Nain Golan's performance at Inter Milan during the first half of the season was acceptable, he scored three goals in 15 appearances but was injured as a "glass man" because of frequent injuries. Nowadays he is once again undisciplined, and often provokes the incident to irritate Inter Milan executives. Perhaps Evergrande really wants to be grateful he did not spend that price to buy such a "thorn."Go back to Sohu and see more

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