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Beijing team won four battles – People's Daily – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-26 03:19:32 Source: People's Daily

Beijing, November 25 (Reporter Li Changyun) On the 25th, the second round of the Chinese Men's Volleyball League in the 2018-2019 season, the Beijing team won three games in the first game. The men's volleyball team in Jiangsu was defeated by 3: 1 and won the quarterfinals in the quarterfinals. The result of the other three games in this round was that the Shanghai team defeated the Henan team 3: 0, the Shandong team beat the Zhejiang team 3: 0 and the Bayi team defeated the Sichuan team by 3: 1.

The match between the Beijing team and the Jiangsu team is the focus of this round. The old Jiangsu team has the national players Zhang Chen and Liu Xiangdong, and the new season also introduced foreign aid Bojic of Montenegro, and the team's strength has greatly increased. Last season, Beijing's runner-up team in the championship season is competing for the title, and the strength is good. The first game of the game was fierce: the Beijing team took the lead in getting the game, but did not take the opportunity to lose a game at 24:26. Since the second game, the Beijing team completely controlled the situation on the court and won three games. The Beijing team played well with Jiangchuan and scored 28 points, the highest in the game.

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