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Beijing Guoan announces the return of Zhang Xinyi as network management manager – Guoan, Jiugong, Cultural Communication, deputy general manager of Sanfang – China News Net


2018-12-25 16:29:00 Source: China News Net

BEIJING, Beijing, December 25, Beijing Guoan has launched a cooperation agreement in its Weibo. Former Guoan old Zhang Xinxin participated in the entire signing ceremony of cooperation as the manager of the club network management.

The full text is as follows:

On the morning of December 20, 2018, the signing ceremony of the cooperation between Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Football Club and Beijing New World Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was held at the Beijing Workers' Stadium Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club. Zhang Zhijun, deputy general manager of the Zhonghe Guoan football club in Beijing, Wei Kexing, Qingxun development director, Zhang Xinyu, outlets manager, Wang Yuping, general manager of Beijing New World Sports Culture Co., Ltd. and Qufu, president of Beijing Gongxing School in Daxing District, attended the event.

During the event, Zhang Zhijun, deputy general manager of the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Football Club, and Wang Yuping, general manager of the Beijing New World Sports Culture Co., Ltd. signed an agreement, changing the team flag Zhang Zhijun gave to Zhonghe Guoan FA Cup Champion as a gift. The other part. Zhang Zhijun introduced the original intention of this tripartite cooperation: "Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club is a flag of Beijing football. To promote the culture of football, solidify the foundation of football and training of young players are the responsibility of the club. Create a better environment for the development of youth football, let more children enjoy football, enjoy football and accept better football training, and I believe this cooperation will be able to offer more excellent football talents to Beijing in the future. "

Beijing Jiugong First Central Primary School and Beijing New World Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. joined hands to achieve fruitful results in the past campus football education and football curriculum reform exploration. Won the title of National Football Characteristic School and Beijing Campus Football Traditional School, and won many excellent results in all aspects of campus football competition. Mr. Wang Yuping has been committed to youth football for over ten years, rooted in grassroots youth training and has delivered many excellent football players to all levels of clubs. It's a little football team from the old palace.

Beijing Zhonghe Guoan 2001 elite masters goalkeeper Ma Kunyue Beijing Zhonghe Guoan 2001 age group main goalkeeper Ma Kunyue

The signing of the Jiugong School football team is the first time Beijing Zhonghe Guoan established a football base in Daxing District, Beijing. The director of youth training development Wei Kexing announced that in the future cooperation Beijing New World Sports Culture Co ., Ltd. (Old Palace First Central Primary School) Provide more professional soccer guidance, help small players to participate in soccer training in a more systematic and professional way, and cultivate a new generation of innovative talents of high soccer reserve level to save energy for Beijing and for Chinese football!

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